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    Sending supplemental documents to CA BRN

    Best way to ensure BON receive your stuff is to deliver it in person.
  2. sourapril

    Challenging CA BRN Deficiency

    I hope you got your problem resolved. I had to do that same thing for a psychology course. Once my school emailed a licensing supervisor (the email was provided to me by a BRN staff when I was there in person) my license was posted almost immediately. Good luck!
  3. I had to deal with them for the exact same issue. You can read my post here https://allnurses.com/california-nursing/california-license-by-1032333-post9916301.html#post9916301 I would recommend you to have your school send your official sealed transcript to you, and you bring them to BRN in person. Yes, it's very costly, but it will end your misery fast. They are pretty efficient once they receive your hand delivered transcripts. They may even be able to give your permenant license on the same day. When I was there, there was another lady who went to nursing school in the Philipines, so she didn't have the option to bring her transcript in person. Just like you, she requested her school 4-5 times, both by mail and eleconitrically. Nada. She told me she has gone to BRN in person 5 times, took her a year, and thousands of dollars. I feel bad for her but BRN is famous for losing your documents. Good luck! P.S. I recommend you to be there before 9am, or better yet, just be there when they are open at 8. When I was there both times, I noticed a pattern which is whenever the person behind the counter felt fed up, she/he would leave and never return for quite some time, especially if it's around their lunch time. You would see people working in their cubicles or even look at you when you knock on the glass window, but nobody would come out and serve you if they are too "overwhelmed".
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    california license by endorsement

    The short answer is if you want to get your CA license quickly, have everything in hand (transcript, application, photos, live scan, etc.) and personally deliver it to BRN in Sacramento (yes, it's costly, especially for people who live out of state, but I guarentee you this is the fastest way if you want to be 100% sure that they receive all the necessary documents). However, I didn't do that and this is what happened to me: 1/12/18, applied online, mailed my fingerprint card, and request all my schools (4 schools total) to send my official transcripts to BRN. 3/12/18 saw my temporary license posted on BreEze (here is where I made the mistake of innocently believing I just needed to wait for a couple more weeks for the permenent one) 3/19/18 got a letter from BRN saying "need transcript reflecting completion of coursework in x, y, and z. I ignored the letter because I know all my schools mail my transcripts to them. I was finishing my DNP degree, selling the house, packing, trying to make a cross country move to CA, in short, lots of going on, didn't have the time to look into this matter. Fast forward, I moved to CA, checked BreEze again in July, the same message. 8/2/18 drove to Sacramento, went to BRN in person, waited for an hour in line. Kimberly at the front desk told me that they never received any of my transcripts (that's $40 down the drain). I asked her what's the most secure way to get my transcripts to them. She told me to bring them in person. (However, if you graduate from a foreign nursing school, you cannot bring your official, sealed transcript in person. It has to be mailed or emailed by your school) I went home, requested from all four schools again. This time, I asked them to mail the official transcripts to me. 8/13/18, second attempt to go to BRN in person. Waited for 2 hours this time (it was Monday). A different lady came out and took my transcripts. She asked me to wait while she went back to check on my file. 20-25 minutes later, she came back and told me I still don't meet the psychology requirement but what I can do is to have my school email her supervisor and say that psychology was incorporated into my BSN curriculum. I tried to contact my school then, but wasn't able to get a hold of anyone. So I drove all the way back home (2.5 hours) 8/14/18 finally got a hold of someone from my school who was willing to provide the letter (apparently they do this a lot for nurses who move to CA) 8/16/18 saw on BreEze that my permanent license was posted. So overall it took me 7 months. It didn't have to if BRN didn't lose my transcripts or communicate to me clearly that they didn't receive my transcript. Apparently all the mails that get to send to BRN actually go to the state mail room, then they get sorted. This means the transcripts can be mixed with mails that go to any other state agencies and there are a lot of them. When I was there both times, there were plenty of people who went there because their transcripts were never received by BRN. I know it's partially my fault because I didn't have the time to chase after BRN because I had other things to worry about in my life.
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    Question on Denver/HCA

    What is the pay in major hospitals in metro Denver area nowadays. I know you can see Denver Health on their website but what about others?
  6. sourapril

    clinical scholar

    I couldn't find much information on clinical scholar, the person who leads all the students during their clinical rotations. What is it, what does the scholar do, pay, education requirement, etc. If you have some information, please share. Thank you!
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    new grad with a psych degree, but no experience

    I would just apply. If the job description sounds like something you can do, go for it. How can you get experience when nobody wants to hire you? You should apply everywhere, mental hospital, psych units in a hospital, VA, behavioral health center, etc.
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    public health job PN/FL

    It all depends on your local health department. Some requires BSN, some requires at least 2 years of experience. Some will take new grads. I would just give them a call (or show up in person), maybe volunteer with them if you can't get a job first. I just applied and waited patiently because it does take a long time for them to respond. Apply to all the positions you are interested. Good luck!
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    allnurses 2015 Nursing Salary Survey

    It would be really interesting to see the results. Hopefully it will be posted too since the last admin post was back in Feb.
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    Trying to change my path

    What is your availability? If you don't mind the 8-5, M-F work, you can apply to your local health department.
  11. You need to leave right now.
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    Community nurses - how do you dress?

    Consult your employee manual. It should tell you what dress code you have.
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    Should I get my DNP or go PhD in Nursing

    PhD=research, teaching, publishing DNP=can be whatever you want it to be.
  14. sourapril

    New Grad outlook in Denver

    geez, who still pays $22/hr? How did they expect us to live on that kind of money? I graduated 2 years ago and spent 6 months to find a job. Good luck! The job market is not as bad as you hear but the housing situation is another story...
  15. sourapril

    How happy are you as a rural nurse

    It's remote, you probably don't have a good grocery store nearby, you have a take a pay cut, and probably there aren't much to do (except for those who are outdoorsy). So do you still love your job and would you trade it for a different job? Please share your experience. I am interested in rural nursing. Thanks!
  16. between those two, I'd pick front range. it's cheaper. employers don't care where you graduate from.
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    Frustrated over the tunnel with no light in sight.

    If you are qualified to take out student loans, try this: Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program If you are competitive, try this: NURSE Corps Scholarship Program It's a long shot and requires a lot of patience and paperwork (nothing new to you since you worked with VA) but they do provide a lot of financial support for you and your family. You do have to be flexible if you have to relocate. It's never too late to start something you feel passionate about. Half of my nursing class was in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Good luck!
  18. I also got my MPH before applying for nursing school. My GPA was 3.8. I can't speak for other schools, but I know CU look at you as a whole package, your rec letters, personal statement, GPA, etc. Good luck!
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    Positive PPD test!

    You can do another PPD at a different site. If the second one is negative then you are negative. If the second one is positive then you need to do a chest x-ray and probably quantiferon test.
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    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Someone mentioned about a public speaking course requirement. I don't remember taking a course specifically called public speaking. Can I use anything else to substitute? I am going for my DNP for God's sake....I have spoken publicly plenty of time.
  21. sourapril

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    They are getting slower. I just received my finger print cards 3+ weeks after I submitted my initial request....God knows how long the rest of the steps is going to take.
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    How long before I can switch to part time?

    Work at least 6 months, then go PRN/part time may be a good option for you. Depends on how quickly you learn new skills and how comfortable you feel working on your own. Sometimes the orientation can take months before you feel comfortable to take your own patients. There are just a lot to learn. I think you should wait until at least you pass your orientation to bring up the issue to your manager.
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    Ready to leave med surg

    You worked hard to earn your license. Don't risk it if you don't feel like you can provide safe care to your patients. When you interview for another job, you can tell them that you really want to stay in your position because you love your patients and there are so much to learn, but you also feel compromised when you work on your unit because the unit is constantly short staffed and you don't have the support you need from your unit.

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