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Whitney09 has 1 years experience as a CNA and specializes in LTC & Pediatric.

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  1. Whitney09

    Confused - CNA vs. PCT vs. Medical Assistant?

    Actually you must be a CNA to get into ANY RN program I have ever run across, it is like a pre-req here in NC.
  2. Whitney09

    medical assistant or nurse

    I am so happy to finally see someone say something positive about MA's I really want to become one but reading these people were discouraging me.
  3. Whitney09

    CNA wanting to be a MEDICAL ASSISTANT...will this be better

    I am in the same boat as you are I got my CNA my senior year of high school, I am not as satisfied as I thought I would be either. I also was considering Nursing school btu I am now leaning more towards the MA program simply because I want to have a ...
  4. Whitney09

    Pushy RN students

    haha you guys are funny I enjoyed all of your comments! I was just making sure I wansn't the only one because these people are just starting to flat out **** me off!
  5. Whitney09

    Pushy RN students

    I get so sick of all the RN students telling me "oh no don't go into the lpn program just go ahead with RN..." like just today I was at the coffee house eating a waffel, my waitress and I got to talking well she said she was in the RN program at the ...
  6. Whitney09

    About to begin an LPN program

    Thank you so much those were very encouraging words!:redbeathe:nurse:
  7. Whitney09

    LPN online?

    Thanks, I just thought I may have been missing something.
  8. Whitney09

    LPN online?

    All over the internet I see LPN to RN online classes, but is there an accredited LPN program online? I have clicked on a few but it always turns out to be LPN to RN. Also, if there were an LPN program online how would I do my clinicals?
  9. Whitney09

    About to begin an LPN program

    Thank you guys so much! I am going to get my CNA II this summer, I was told by a nursing instructor that that would beneifit me greatly when I got into the lpn program. I may also go ahead and take the phlebotomy class so I can have as many advantage...
  10. Whitney09

    LPN/LVN Additional Certifications

    Oh, and how do they affect your pay?
  11. Whitney09

    LPN/LVN Additional Certifications

    Where do you get these certifications at?
  12. Whitney09

    I completed my program!

    What was the hardest thing about the LPN program?
  13. Whitney09

    Is it true LPN's are being phased out?

    This is good to hear because I will be in the upcoming LPN program at the local community college and the Medical Assistant instructor called me telling me I should switch because I will not find a job.
  14. Hello, I would like to start by saying that I am currently a home health CNA, I love what I do but I feel as if I am capable of more than just what a CNA has to offer and plus, my pay isn't so great. For those reasons I have made the choice t...