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I get so sick of all the RN students telling me "oh no don't go into the lpn program just go ahead with RN..." like just today I was at the coffee house eating a waffel, my waitress and I got to talking well she said she was in the RN program at the same school I was at, when I told her that I went there but was applying for the LPN she crinkled up her nose and told me that she was only 19 (same age as I) and would be an RN by the time she was 20. For some reason that just flew all over me I WANT to be an LPN, what is so bad about that? I told her that and said I may bridge over to RN at some point then she went on to tell me that it wasn't that easy to "just" bridge over.. I have talked to to several RN's that worked as LPN's first that said they understood their classes more because they already had hands on expierence. Does anyone else have this problem?:mad:


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A lot of RN's will tell you to just go ahead and and become an RN. But, I started out as a CNA and am now about to start LPN training. I don't regret becoming a CNA first because I do have experience working in different areas and already know the basics. My aunt, who is an RN, told me that it is a great idea to become a LPN first. That way, if you decide that nursing isn't the field you want to be in, you haven't wasted a ton of money at a 4 year school!

As far as the person that told you that it's not easy to bridge over....I don't think that it is any problem to become an RN once you're an LPN. All that you have to do is go back to school and once you're an LPN and work at a hospital or somewhere else, the company may even pay for you to complete RN training if you sign a contract with them stating that you will work for them for a specific time.

You're doing what you want to do! Don't listen to anyone else!!! :)


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I agree, do what you want to do, don't listen to anyone else. And I'll take note here, that suggesting the RN is not helpful advise. People just tend to want to qualify their own decisions by recommending the same to others. lol

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Do what is best for YOURSELF. No one can dictate your frame of mind or life circumstances.


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omg! yeah they tell me the same thing! they make it seem like its going to be a bad choice. however in cali, not many hospitals are hiring lvns which sucks because i want to work in pediatrics. also most of the lvn prgrams are private and really expensive. i did however thought of doing the bridge program but now i am not entirely sure. anyway, do what ur heart set out to do.

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I have to disagree about it being easier to just go for the RN. I dont have the numbers to prove it, but I am sure that the bridge program is WAY easier to get into than the RN program is right now. Im sure you dont need a 4.0 to get into a bridge at my school.

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Ironically I get the most attitude from prenursing students. They aren't even in an RN program yet they feel superior to mr even though hey I'm already a nurse earning $$$ and working in the speciality most ppl seem to want to be.

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haha you guys are funny I enjoyed all of your comments! I was just making sure I wansn't the only one because these people are just starting to flat out **** me off!


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I started out as a CNA then a CMT and then went straight to RN school.. I really wished I had done the LPN before the RN.... Was a bit rough going from passing meds to being in charge........but hey I love nursing and wouldnt ever want to do anything else....:redbeathe