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  1. Sunshine09RN

    Shift Diff at Children's Hospital

    The nurse recruiter read off the shift differentials so fast, so I'm not sure I have them 100% correct, but here's what I THINK they are: Monday-Thursday evenings: 10% of your base pay Friday-Sunday evenings: 15% extra Monday-Thursday nights: 20% extra Friday-Sunday nights: 25% extra Hope that helps! :)
  2. Sunshine09RN

    Who's applying to Baylor or Parkland internships for June?

    I, too, applied for Baylor and Parkland's NICU residency programs. I got the email from Baylor saying they were canceling the internship due to staffing needs. I tried calling Parkland yesterday and they said they were still reviewing applications and that the NICU residency program is very competitive. The position is still posted though, so I'm not sure what their deal is. I guess we will just wait and see. Hopefully one of us will hear something soon!
  3. Sunshine09RN

    June Internships

    I've been waiting forever for Hermann and still haven't heard a thing. I kinda gave up though since they said they would be contacting everyone before April 7th for interviews. Good luck to you though!
  4. Sunshine09RN

    Are the positions at Baylor real?

    I'm not sure about the positions for experienced nurses, but I applied for the NICU internship and received an email saying "for business purposes, they have decided to cancel this year's NICU program." Maybe they are overstaffed? I've also heard that Baylor has a high retention rate...
  5. Sunshine09RN

    Texas Health Resource

    Thanks again, Twenty-ten! I was eyeing a NICU position at Harris HEB, but they removed it before I could apply. Oh well, maybe next time. And Chica, sorry to intrude on your post
  6. Sunshine09RN

    switching to 3rd shift

    Congrats on the new job!! I, for one, LOVE working night shift. There are less doctors, administrators, families, etc. around and I think the night-shift staff are a lot more laid-back. I work 7p-7a (3 times a week), so my schedule is a little different than yours. If it is my first night shift of the week, I try to get in a 2-3 hour nap before going to work. That way I'm not dragging when 4 am comes around. After that, I take a shower and sleep for 6-7 hours as soon as I get home from work, then I wake up and start the routine all over. On my days off, I usually go to bed around midnight and sleep in until 9 am or so. However, I don't have any children, so it is much easier for me work the night shift. I don't use any eye masks or anything except close the curtains and make my room as dark as possible. I also rely on tons of tea or coffee to keep me up throughout my night shift. Finally, I think if you lead a healthy lifestyle, your immune system will be just fine and you shouldn't worry about colds or indigestion. I have been working night shift for the last 4 years and have never had a problem!
  7. Sunshine09RN

    General Question about Background Checks/Previous Employment

    Thanks for the information. This is exactly what I was looking for. I just finished a second-degree BSN, and I had several "casual" jobs throughout my many years of college. Guess I'll be listing them all (if asked to do so) just to be on the safe side!
  8. I am a new grad applying for jobs and I am just curious as to what information I should put on my applications when it comes to previous employment. I have relevant experience as a nurse tech/HUC and definitely want that to be on my application, but would you advise putting non-clinical jobs such as cashier or receptionist? Also, when performing background checks, can potential employers access ALL the jobs you have had, or only the ones you list? What about jobs you have had for less than 30 days?
  9. Sunshine09RN

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    Congrats to everyone that passed!!!! We are finally RN's!!!
  10. Sunshine09RN

    Texas Health Resource

    Thanks for the wonderful info Twentyten! Since you seem to be the expert, do you know anything about the Fort Worth THR facilities? Especially Harris HEB? I appreciate all the help! :)
  11. Sunshine09RN

    Hospitals offering NICU new grad RN internships?

    You are right....there are a lot of topics with the exact same question being asked. I just wanted to cover all my bases and not leave any hospitals out, especially since it seems to be so difficult finding specialty positions as a new grad. I figured things changed from semester to semester, so might as well get some help from the experts! I would have loved to apply for Children's National, but I guess I missed the deadline. Do they only offer internships in August??
  12. Sunshine09RN

    Long time lurker...

    I've been lurking the site as well and just decided to join. Glad I'm not the only one stalking the site :) Welcome!
  13. Sunshine09RN

    how much time did you study a day in nursing school?

    For most schools, I believe you need to get at least a "C" in every class to continue in the program. I am currently in an accelerated BSN program where we take 18-20 hours per semester. I still work 16 hours a week as a nurse's aide during the weekend. There is no way I would be able to work full-time and attend school. On average, I study 3-4 hours a day and attend classes. This "study" time includes projects, concept maps, homework, researching, and actually studying for exams. I think the amount of study time mostly depends on the person though and how much one absorbs during class.
  14. Sunshine09RN

    New grads starting at Washington Hospital Center

    Does anyone know if they are going to be hiring in the Women's/Children's Services (OB, NICU, Post-partum) for the April or July groups? I keep checking their website and they only have Cardiac and Medical RN Residencies listed...
  15. Sunshine09RN

    Texas Health Resource

    I'm interested in THR as well. Anyone out there know anything about it??