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  1. Hi,


    Could you give me your experience for methodist online direct entry MSN program? I am currently considering this option due to me having a bachelors degree already in public health field. 

  2. TexHaws

    Has anyone used NRSNG.com?

    Thanks for the review. I'm glad the content has been helpful. Great suggestion on formatting transcripts! I'll get that updated. also, I'll work on saying "okay" less. We're actually redoing the older videos now! So glad to have you as part of the NRSNG Family! Jon Haws RN CCRN
  3. TexHaws

    Is NRSNG Academy Worth It?

    So glad to hear the podcasts are helping you! If you still have questions about the Academy please email us anytime! -Jon Haws RNCCRN
  4. Yay! So glad you're using our poscasts
  5. TexHaws

    Question on NRSNG

    Hey Sammy ... Jon here (with NRSNG). Please feel free to email us at contact(@)NRSNG.com if you still have questions about the Academy. Would love to help you reach your goal of RN
  6. TexHaws

    Brian Short News

    There isn't a nurse out there that wasn't impacted in one way or another by AllNurses.com. Prayers for family at this time.
  7. TexHaws

    UT Tyler Spring 2015 FNP Program

    Just got word today that I was accepted into the UT Tyler FNP program that starts January 2015 . . . excited, nervous, etc. . . Anyone else get in??? I work in a trauma I ICU in DFW.
  8. TexHaws

    Baylor Healthcare System TDA program

    Any other CURRENT information about the Baylor TDA program?
  9. TexHaws

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    Where at in no cal? Chico, redding or farther up?
  10. TexHaws

    Your Starting Salary?

    Which health system in dfw? I make $24 base $4.5 night $6.5 weekend time and a half ot and $10 bonus I work with Methodist
  11. TexHaws

    New grad pay in DFW?

    I work at Methodist Hospital Dallas as a brand new gard: $24/hour base $4.50 night $6.50 weekend $10 bonus Last two week paycheck was $3500 with working 4 days.
  12. TexHaws

    MCON Peoria Il

    I graduated from MCON (methodist college of nursing in peoria IL). Overall I will say that I in fact am a nurse and now work in a VERY busy Neuro ICU in a Level 1 Trauma hospital in Dallas Texas (Methodist Hospital - - - no affiliation). Some of my favorite professors who made the entire experience worth it have left for bigger and better things which means that the weak professors have managed to linger and probably move up the MCON ranks. In the end if you wants to become a nurse than you will accomplish that at MCON, but you will pay a price, seriously it is wildly expensive and beware of bad instructors, several with simple MSNs from U of Phoenix with little experience in the actual field of nursing. Just focus on Medsurg and Pharm that will help you the most on NCLEX and in your career. Find a buddy and study on your own as much as you can . . . that is how I did it.
  13. TexHaws

    Methodist Dallas

    The SICU did have a change in managers, I currently work in the Neuro ICU at Methodist Dallas and love it> From what I hear the SICU is doing well. It is a VERY busy SICU if you want skills and exposure than it is a good place to go. In general Methodist is an older hospital, but this summer they are completing a brand new Critical care tower and we will be making the move to Level 1 Trauma. Our Neuro ICU will become 32 beds. I like the pay at Methodist . . . the base pay is a bit low, but the differentials make up for it and I work mostly weekends.
  14. TexHaws

    RN Salary North Dallas

    I make $24/hr base with differentials of $4.50 for nights and $6.50 for weekends. When all is said and done, I generally make between $33 and $38 per hour.
  15. TexHaws

    Info please starting RN pay Dallas

    I am a brand new grad. Base pay: $24.00/hr Night Diff: $4.50/hr Weekend: $6.50/hr Bonus Pay:$10.00/hr Last paycheck for previous two weeks: $3500 working 4 days/wk. I work at Methodist Hospital of Dallas in an ICU
  16. TexHaws

    Methodist Dallas Internship

    I currently work at Methodist Hospital Dallas in the Neuro ICU. I completed my internship in December and have been "let loose". It has been a great place to work. They have good differentials $6.50 weekend, $4.50 nights. We do serve a "fun" population as we are located downtown in Oak Cliff but you really get to see a broad spectrum of cases and grow your skills. We are building a new critical care tower that will be completed in the summer which will take our Neuro ICU to 32 beds!