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  1. Lisa, MA

    Why Even go for your MA? Don't Understand...

    MA's can take various types of classes. An associates degree requires two years of college. But in the working world, it rarely matters if an MA has a CMA, RMA or AD. The only times these really come into play is if they are working in hospital or in a teaching position. Other than that, most physicians offices only require a certificate of completion from an MA program.
  2. Lisa, MA

    Universal Precautions are not optional...

    I have to disagree. If a nurse is not practicing Universal Precautions...which EVERYONE is taught ad nauseum in school...then it is unlikely that they would be fastidious about hand washing. So therefore they ARE indeed putting the patient at risk for other disease and cross contamination. For example...and I will give you a very personal one...my hubby has HCV. Last year he got very sick while on tx. (Peg/Riba) He was hospitalized with a horrible case of cellulitis with open sores. One nurse routinely tended his wounds and drew blood on him without gloves. At one point, I was so upset with her I snapped "Do you NOT understand the dynamics of communicable disease"? She was aghast. Her answer was "but I don't have any open cuts on my hands". Really? Seriously? And you think that is an acceptable argument? 1. She was putting herself at risk for contracting my husbands HCV. 2. She was putting my hubby at risk for secondary infection by tending his wounds without proper barriers and clean asepsis. 3. She was putting other patients at risk if she had transferred his pus or blood or tissue onto her hands and then touched another patient. Who knows if she was washing her hands in between...I certainly NEVER saw her touch a sink. The point is....we learn these things for a reason. Use them! And BTW...I hate that some people only use the alcohol foam to clean their hands. In my old eyes, that is NOT acceptable hand washing.
  3. Lisa, MA

    Should I make a switch??

    Nursing is a forever profession. There will always be a demand.
  4. Lisa, MA

    I keep getting hugged

    I work in Peds so I get hugged all the time by the little people! I luv it! :redpinkhe
  5. Lisa, MA

    Why Even go for your MA? Don't Understand...

    As an MA I would love to chime in on this topic. Many valid reasons have been cited already. For me, 25 years ago, I did not have the money to attend "nursing school". So I opted to get my foot in the door by attending an MA program through a private school in my area. I graduated top of my class with the intention that after working a few years and saving some money, I would go to college and get my RN. Well, life took its course and I got married, had children, worked in a job I loved and didn't feel the need to go back to school. Until recently. Now that my kids are grown and I have gained so much "working knowledge"...more I might add than anyone ever learns in school...I wish I had a license. Frankly, in my clinic, I do much of the same work as the RN's and LPN's...only without equal pay. I take orders, I give meds, I give injections, I clean and dress wounds, I culture, I draw blood, I assist minor surgery, I test, I chart, I advise, etc etc etc etc etc. What I don't do is bedside. But, even if I were licensed as an RN, I would not want to. It never was my desire. My goal was to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. For several years now I have taught in other MA and basic Med Term/Anatomy classes. While I love sharing the knowlege of what I have learned, I always encourage my students to disregard the idea of taking MA courses and just go for the LPN. Same time involved, almost exact classes but with more intense clinicals and in the end higher pay and more respect. Plus then they can easily bridge to RN if and when they choose. Unfortunately, nursing is an sorority of heirarchy. The more important letters you have after your name, the more respect you get. It doesn't matter who does a better job or who acquires more hands on knowledge. Which in many cases is a darn shame. For me, I toss around the idea all the time of going back to school. But I honestly have no desire to do clinicals. I dislike the idea of bedside so much that it simply turns me off to further my career. Although I have been exploring the idea of Health Promotion or Dietetics. But again, at my age, who wants to go back to school for 4+ years?
  6. How would you handle it if you knew a co-worker was very lax in using Universal Precautions?
  7. Lisa, MA

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    I worked with an older doctor who could never say Parietal correctly. He would say it as "peri-eat-al". Drove me nuts.
  8. Lisa, MA

    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    Since that is the case, I would urge any of you interested in knowing the TRUTH about what this religion believes and how it may impact the job performance of a nurse, to do research and speak to those actual members of the faith instead of relying on disgruntled former members or those merely THINK they know what they are talking about.
  9. Lisa, MA

    Private Rooms Standard

    How many of you agree that private rooms should be standard across the board? Not only does multiple patient rooms violate HIPAA laws, it is dangerous. Cross contamination is greater in a shared room as are other safety issues. In a local facility here where I live, a man was just beaten to death this week by his demented roommate. It really gives pause.
  10. Lisa, MA

    Blood, Bodily Fluids and Germs OH MY!

    That appalls me too.
  11. Lisa, MA

    Blood, Bodily Fluids and Germs OH MY!

    Are you advocating the practice of allowing babies and small children to crawl around on a hospital floor? I think you need to go back to public health and epidemiology 101
  12. Lisa, MA

    Blood, Bodily Fluids and Germs OH MY!

    I have to wonder, if you are lax with your personal cleanliness, what are you passing from patient to patient? Scary. It's no wonder things get spread thru a whole floor. In our facility, if a patient has cdiff or MRSA, in addition to gowning, gloving and masking we have to wipe our shoes with disinfecting cloths before we leave the room and then wash our hands with actual soap and water....not the worthless foam that so many people think is sufficient to use between patients.
  13. Lisa, MA

    Jehovah's Witness nurses in the critical care unit?

    I see alot of you who don't feel she should work ICU because of the nature of work involved but still encourage her to explore other opportunities in nursing. Awesome! As for me, I would do what I could to work harmoniously with a coworker who felt uncomfortable with a specific proceedure. Esp if it was deeply rooted in their belief system. I would hope that others would do the same for me. :) That said, you do have to consider how your stand on this topic would/could effect your patients. Just as you want others to respect your views, you should respect those of others. If hanging, pushing and tending to blood products with a patient goes against your belief system, then you should not put yourself in that position. I think the most important thing said here several times is...that while many of us would be willing to trade duties with you, it cannot always be done. There may be situations where no one is available to help you....so then what? Not a good position to be in. Consider all the facets of this delema before you make an informed decision.
  14. Lisa, MA

    Blood, Bodily Fluids and Germs OH MY!

    Speaking of babies...is anyone else appalled by the people who let their babies crawl around on the hospital floor!!!??? I mean seriously...what is wrong with people?!