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luvRNs has 41 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in criticalcare, nursing administration.

Recently retired after 40+ years in nursing. My philosophy was "safe,quality care delivered with passion, and compassion'. I was privledged to have a wonderful career and salute the work nurses do and the differrence we make!

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  1. Three points for consideration : 1.Caring for ALL patients is ethically a part of our role. I remember during the appearance of AIDS , several of my colleagues refused to care for these patients. This is slippery slope thinking at its' worst. What i...
  2. luvRNs

    The Face of a Medical Error...

    agree with music in my heart. DON'T share details here until all is resolved. DO share your pain, and WE will share our support. BTW, my ( system) error resulted in a patient death. New equipment, no inservice, four of us in the room, but I was the ...
  3. luvRNs

    The Face of a Medical Error...

    how beautifully written, and how painful to experience. I too have been there. What I laud you for is your ability to accept the responsibility for your part AND to recognize that systems errors are at the heart of many of these unfortunate experienc...
  4. luvRNs

    Performance Based Development System (PBDS)

    I respectfully disagree with my houtx colleague above. I have also worked in facilities with PBDS and as a director often had to step in to " save" excellent staff who would have been terminated due to PBDS performance. I am a masters prepared nurse...
  5. luvRNs

    Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

    EXCUSE my typos above... formatting here is difficult
  6. luvRNs

    Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

    This discussion is turing into a sad situation. There is heartache on both sides. My job in administration often placed me between a rock and a hard spot , and trying to please both. The ultimate loser was me. That said, look for SOLUTIONS not proble...
  7. luvRNs

    Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

    guttercat, so sorry to hear of your experience. Staff input is a critical patient AND nurse safety aspect when building and occupying a new facility.I was responsible for the building , education and staffing of 4 units in a new Critical Care Tower....
  8. luvRNs

    Confessions of a Hospital Administrator

    I found this article inspiring. It is nice to know there are STILL value-aligned CEO's. I served as a Nursing Director in two facilities ( large university, and 500 bed community).I was able to improve quality, patient and nurse satisfaction AND fin...
  9. luvRNs

    Nurse Educators / Faculty

    Agree with SDGA about the salary. I left after tenure and doubled my pay. that said, i OFTEN had to cover semesters for a tenured colleague who made 20K MORE than me due to seniority but was crazy. My work load became half or hers AND mine for less p...
  10. luvRNs

    Nurse Educators / Faculty

    Interesting article, but I do see one glaring problem. I am a former Nursing educator who had tenure at a community college. I was appalled when I first began to teach at the limited clinical expertise of some of my colleagues. It gives credence to t...
  11. luvRNs

    Nursing BURN OUT!!

    you got some really good feedback here: vacations, exercise, eating right, and work-life balance. i have a couple more. 1. "pulse check". do you dread going in today? yesterday? tomorrow? if so, you need to change jobs. many people stay "chained" to...
  12. luvRNs

    Will it return to a good work environment again?

    Kudos to you for advocating for your patient.You're the type of nurse I would want caring for me Keep going to work with your head held high, and stay above the backlash. When the rank and file discover they can't rile you, and that you continue to ...
  13. luvRNs

    union vs. non union

    It does have pros and cons. The cons include: 1. good AND poor performers get treated exactly the same. Can be frustrating if you're really good at your job to watch someone who isn't. 2.difficulty getting rid of the poor performers above. This often...
  14. luvRNs

    how do you feel being a nurse

    Ok, OK, befroe I get started, there has to be a disclaimer. There ARE bad days in nursing ( MD's yelling, nurses eating their young, un-ending diarrhea, nasty patients or families, missing holidays etc) That said, being a nurse has been one of the g...
  15. Had this happen twice, and I repsonded both times. Both were "red-eye" flights so I have to wonder if there is a connection on that one:rolleyes: The first was diaphoretic male who passed out. Second was a middle-aged owman with similar symptoms. L...