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  1. Mo620

    I completed my program!

    CONGATS!!!!! I cant wait till I can make my post that says I did it....you make me feel so excited to get started!!! So whats your next step..have you taken your boards yet? Are you going to continue for you RN? Sorry if I'm being nosey!!
  2. Mo620

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Hey Natasha!!!! Yes a 10 month program will be very intense..but thats ok!! You will be fine and I'm here for you whenever you need me. We need more dedicated and committed nurses. Are you studying and prep before classes start.
  3. Hi future LPN's, I just wanted to say:yeah: Congratulations :yeah:on passing the entrance exam and the interview process. :yeah:This Roll call is for thoese who are starting in Sept 2010. Lets do this journey together and share our experiences... So state your First name, School, location and program length for starters!!!!!! Monique, Eastern Suffolk Boces, NY 18 month partime evenings
  4. Mo620

    What school are you going to?

    Eastern Suffolk Boces Central Islip, NY Sept 2010
  5. Thanks so much for sharing something positive..im so excited and cant wait till classes begin in sept...Best of luck to you in school and Keep up the good work:yeah::yeah:!!!!!
  6. Mo620

    boces lpn program?

    Congratulations JChase!!!!!!! JChase...which program are you going to do...full time days or partime evenings???
  7. Mo620

    boces lpn program?

    Hi...im so excited..wishing I was in the program TODAY...lol Thanks I guess I needed to hear someone say not to worry... I want to go full time days so I but I my work schedule/ finances wont allow me so part time it is...im still trying to find a way to do days.
  8. Mo620

    boces lpn program?

    Hi Everyone... Yesterday was supposed to be my interview and they rescheduled me for April...BOO. I'm so nervous. Just a general question....Are you doing fulltime days or part time nights and WHY???....im having a hard time making this decision for myself????
  9. sorry for the typos...I have a headache!!!
  10. I tried called the school to gat the book list but they said the same thing. What school are you going to in sept? I'm going to Eastern Suffolk Boces in central islip ny
  11. So what type of math should you brush up on?
  12. Mo620

    boces lpn program?

    Hi I took the Eastern Suffolk Boces test in jan and my interview is in march. im so excited. Cant wait till sept. im a little nervous about the interview process. Welcome back to the States. you should get your results within 2-3 weeks. Pray you did well. Hope we can be study partners!!!!!
  13. Mo620

    Fall 2010 Starts

    Good Evening Everyone, I'm so excited I have an interview scheduled in march. In sept I'll be starting Eastern Suffolk Boces. I wish school started today!!!!!!! lol Is anyone else going to the same school as me???