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  1. Sanford Brown Nursing Graduates?

    Someone I care about shared with me that they are contemplating the Associate in Nursing (AAS) program at SBI Campus - an affiliate of Sanford-Brown and that immediately raised a red flag in my head. Link:
  2. Why become an RN to do computer work?

    Is 'Nursing Informatics' really a 'Nursing' specialty?
  3. Interview of a nurse informaticist

    1.) Use of patient care technologies to deliver and enhance care Electronic Health Records (EHRs), devices (blood glucose monitors, vital signs monitors, EKG monitors, etc.) that interface with electronic health records, technology that allows minima...
  4. Interview of a nurse informaticist

    1.) Use of patient care technologies to deliver and enhance care Patient Care Technology and Safety Health Information Technology (HIT) Source: Communication technologies to integrate and coor...
  5. Are you a new informatics nurse?

    Great approach. It's ultimately about getting opportunities, but I think 3-5 years of bedside experience is good to have anyway - it's what sets you apart from the non-nurse informatics practitioners - it shapes the way you see and think and analyze ...
  6. Is 'Nursing Informatics' really a 'Nursing' specialty?

    Thank you llg - I understand your point better now :) I am not sure if it is considered appropriate, but I'd like to ask you - can I read your dissertation? I may not be able to read it right away - but I'd consider myself privileged to be able to ta...
  7. MSN vs Masters in Health Informatics

    Here's an Informatics Nurse's perspective: Healthcare Informatics vs. Nursing Informatics
  8. Is 'Nursing Informatics' really a 'Nursing' specialty?

    Thank you for the response, llg! Perspectives are indeed 'ways of seeing,' and are influenced by background and experience. Won't all nurses with some clinical experience come from a nursing perspective then? Have you seen some informatics nurses mov...
  9. Is 'Nursing Informatics' really a 'Nursing' specialty?

    That's interesting, llg - I never thought of it that way! Whether Nursing Informatics is Nursing or not depends on the approach each Informatics Nurse has towards her/his job - is that the gist of your doctoral dissertation thesis statement?
  10. Informatics Capstone Ideas for Excelsior College

    All the attention can lead to superb job prospects in future. Wish you all the best, NNYNurse50!
  11. Is 'Nursing Informatics' really a 'Nursing' specialty?

    Regardless of the angle used to argue these points, it is the truth BCRNA, and I can attest to it!
  12. Starting my classes in nursing informatics next week.

    Hey asha2003, You should share the story of your journey from the time you wanted to be an informatics nurse to the time you got your degree to where you are now - I am sure it will be interesting for everyone who is just looking to start out :)
  13. Is 'Nursing Informatics' really a 'Nursing' specialty?

    Ha ha... we'll have a discussion on our hands if someone in your target population takes the bait :)
  14. Non-traditional/Non-conventional Nursing Roles

    Like 100% remote positions?
  15. Curious RN Student

    Hi JerseyGirl2010, The reason why there are no responses yet is probably because there have been similar questions asked in the past that you can find by doing a variety of searches on this site - definitely try that. Is it necessary to obtain a sepa...