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  1. poppy79

    Overnights & Babies

    i potentially have a great new opportunity but have a 21 month old and one on the way. The catch is I will have to go back to overnights. How do you cope w/ overnights & a newborn?
  2. You have had a lot to deal with, I can only imagine the stress you are under. First of all relax. It sounds like you did great in school but the test anxiety has got the best of you. My advice is to get a few books, one of which is Kaplan strategies and do it cover to cover. It is short and doesnt take long. Otherwise I would set a date to retake it- say 3 months from now. And do 100 questions a day. If you have more time one day do a little extra, or vice versa if you have less. Spend one day a week reviewing areas you might lack, says Peds or Math. But otherwise only do questions. The day before you take it, dont do any queations, get a pedi, a massage, anything to relax. That is how I prepped and I was just an average student. You know the information, now its about the questions and how to answer. Dont waste money on a prep. You can do it yourself! Best of luck to you!!!
  3. poppy79

    upmc mercy son and smoking rules

    In response to the first post, I work at UPMC and (unfortunately) many, many Nurses smoke. As far as the school, they told us you had to be off property similarly to all the hospitals. So obviously quitting is best for many reasons, you will still be able to grab a cig.
  4. poppy79

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    Hi. I had Originally applied last year but was put on hold b/c the class filled up so fast. But thankfully I just got accepted for Aug 2011!!
  5. poppy79

    What to do about work versus pre-req's?

    If there aren't any others schools close to you, like a Community College. I would check for schools that offer online courses. It'll be difficult but you can do it! Good luck.
  6. Hello, I was just wondering if there is anyone posting who applied and tested for Mercy this year, but has to wait until next year? Im planning on taking some pre reqs at CCAC to get some of them out of the way to make it easier on myself. Is anyone in a similar situatation? Thanks