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  1. Researching Hospital Systems

    Thank you mean mary jean :)...this particular hospital system is non-profit. How would I go about requesting a copy of its annual budget? I guess it's time for a little phone tag!
  2. Researching Hospital Systems

    I would like to research exactly how money is spent ,and on what, at a certain health care delivery system. I believe that labor (training, benefits, retirement,paycheck) is more expensive than health care delivery (patient care, lawsuits, computeriz...
  3. Break Relief RN

    I know...there will be some resistance for sure, but I'm excited to part of something new.
  4. Break Relief RN

    These are 8 hour shifts 11am -7:30pm and we are hiring several break RNs. This will be interesting. I've only heard of break RNs in the OR.
  5. Break Relief RN

    My med-surg unit will begin utilizing break RNs in the near future. I' m currently a staff RN and accepted a break RN position. I'm pretty excited about the change. Management is open to new ideas so we can make this work effectively. Does anyone ha...
  6. I just got a job at an acute LTC center. Me and two other RNs work with several LPNs. One of the RNs really micro-manages the LPNs. Her reasoning is that her license is "on the line." I do understand that we want to watch over our patients, however, ...
  7. How do you choose a specialty??

    I've been in med-surg for 3 years (my anniversary date for passing the NCLEX is 8-10-07)...anyway, I think I'm ready to move on, but I'm having a difficult time deciding which specialty to go into. I've considered OR nursing, PACU, ER, home health, ...