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I would like to research exactly how money is spent ,and on what, at a certain health care delivery system. I believe that labor (training, benefits, retirement,paycheck) is more expensive than health care delivery (patient care, lawsuits, computerized medical records, MRI machines and other equipment.

Both areas, labor and health care delivery, run into the millions. However, which is most costly? I had this conversation with an RN who recently got her masters. She believes that health care delivery is way more costly. But why are hospitals cutting so many corners in labor? Don't they know that this will increase the cost of health care delivery in the long run?

My theory is that the CEOs running hospitals believe that even if quality of care decreases (and negative patient outcomes increase) this is more cost effective than providing optimal labor.

What are your thoughts on the corporate health care model? How would I go about finding financial information specific to my certain health care system? Do you know of any good articles that explore this subject matter?


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If they are a non-profit, you should be able to request a copy of their annual budget.

If a for-profit, you would need to be a shareholder in order to get this info I think.



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Thank you mean mary jean :)...this particular hospital system is non-profit. How would I go about requesting a copy of its annual budget? I guess it's time for a little phone tag!