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  1. Who said that we know everything anyway? Assumptions assumptions...
  2. I'm sure it's all been clear to everyone that inexperienced nurses have a difficult chance of getting a job in Australia. But what's wrong in believing? Why put down the hopes of others? If they still want to pursue it then let them be. It's their consequence. It's true that not all fight is a winning battle, but if we all decided to quit then it'll be just a lose situation. It's ok to give a warning or advice and I so appreciate it, but to say that WE SHOULDN'T BELIEVE IN OURSELVES is a big no-no.
  3. LOL Happy New Year Ceridwyn!
  4. Happy New Year guys! ... And don't get too affected of pessimist people who wants to question and ruin everything.
  5. As for me, I try not to panic first because if experience is what they need, then I'll give it to them. Maybe not now but soon. My main goal is to get an OZ license and I'll start a new beginning from there.
  6. How about if a relative sponsors you. It would also count right?
  7. Nursing shortages in Australia | Nurse In Australia This link might give you an idea about the real situation in OZ. Read the comments page. I'm actually scared because I'm scheduled to leave next year.
  8. actually, what confused me before about this post-registration thing is that many schools claim a bsn post registration course but with different descriptions. some claim that it is for "upgrade" only and some say that it is for nurses overseas who wants to be eligible for registration in oz. and there is one (particularly la trobe uni) which states that their post registration course has two streams. stream a and stream b. stream a [color=#333333] for comprehensive professional development and preparation for postgraduate study.and stream b, which [color=#333333]allows candidates to practise nursing in australia. so from that, i assume that there's actually two types of post registration course, and universities either offer the stream a,stream b or both. and so i just realized that i'm in the stream b post registration. and yes, i'm aware that after taking this course, i have to retake my ielts and get that straight 7 to be registered as a nurse in oz (as also mentioned in flinders uni's offer letter). actually, i'm planning to retake my ielts this year and achieve the straight 7's to avoid hassle in the near future. but now i'm wondering, what's the difference between conversion course and stream b post registration? because what i remembered is, when i asked the idp councilor about the "conversion" course, she suggested curtin,la trobe,flinders,ballarat etc.,(she actually gave me a list of schools and their offered courses). then i noticed that the only uni's with the description "conversion" in their course is curtin and edith cowan. but still, the councilor suggested other unis like flinders (but written in the uni's list is bsn post reg.), so i thought that post reg. and conversion are just similar. and now i looked at the list again. i noticed that some post reg. course have an * sign while others don't have. (and those with * are the only post reg. course uni's that the councilor suggested to me) and now i understand that these * are the stream b post reg... which makes me think now that conversion and stream b post reg. are the same. correct me if i'm wrong.
  9. Ok. I thought all nursing post registration course have the same standard. These things confuse me a lot.
  10. This is so alarming. Does it mean that post registration course doesn't make you eligible to become an AuRN? Because I just got accepted by Flinders to enroll in this course through IDP, I actually paid the initial deposit. And based from what I've read in their offer letter, completion of the said course will proceed to Nursing registration, they even mentioned about clinical placements. This is also the advise of the IDP councilor. Please somebody clarify this. Help!
  11. I'm quite confused with this? What is secondary and tertiary course? I thought secondary is referring to highschool and tertiary is referring to university education? But now I'm thinking maybe secondary refers to undergraduate educ, and tertiary is postgrad educ. Which is which?
  12. I read the AHPRA site and it seems applying for BP will turn out negative for me. I don't have any nursing experience,even a voluntary one for almost two years now. So what do you think people? Should I still proceed for BP or is choosing conversion the better choice regarding my situation.
  13. Thank you so much. I need this. :)
  14. I don't know yet. At first I was determined to just take conversion but got discouraged because of the tons of money I should spend. Now that I've got my IELTS result, I'm thinking if I'll just really proceed to take conversion, or I'll retake IELTS again and get that 7! But if you'll ask me. You should get BP instead. Atleast you had a hospital experience. :)