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  1. sassy_squirrel

    Are you really a doctor?

    I have to say I've been lucky with doctors on the most part. I changed a doctor coz I didn't feel he was listening to me but yeah. I usually get my lungs checked when I'm sick but that could just be coz they know I get chest infections a lot. Hope you are feeling better.
  2. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    Well...I didn't get in :-( I'll try for mid year applications.
  3. sassy_squirrel

    Write it down!

    Really you got charged $36 for him to add something on the pathology form? At a medical centre? Man, I know I get charged like $10 if I want my doctor to write me a prescription but don't visit but $36 for adding to a pathology form? Glad you got most of it back from medicare but shouldn't that have been bulkbilled in the first place?
  4. sassy_squirrel


    Sorry but didn't the OP say that she was friends with the patient before they were a patient? Wouldn't that mean that there is nothing to it. Or once they are a patient you have to cut your ties with your friends?
  5. sassy_squirrel

    Absence of Manners

    Holy heck. Whenever I'm visiting in a hospital and a nurse comes in I always move out of the way - put myself into a corner, or say I'll just step out. In the ER especially, with my husband. I always say, "I'll just move my chair out of the way for you." Most of the time the nurse will say, "Don't worry, you aren't in the way." But it's still good manners. I figure they are working to help my family member/friend to get better. Being in their way is not a good thing. I'm am honestly shocked at the manners of some people in a hospital setting! I have never asked or been asked if I wanted food either, I figure there's vending machines in the waiting room if I'm gonna be there a while. Sadly it's not just in the hospital setting. People are rude everywhere these days. On the roads, in shops. It's very sad and frustrating when you are trying to be polite.
  6. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    Oh Carol. I've sent you a PM. Chat to you soon. *hugs* Chin up, things will get better.
  7. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    I hope I will be right to find a job when I finish nursing...
  8. sassy_squirrel

    The Policeman vs. The Nurse

    The problem with text reports is that you cannot hear the intent behind the comment. She may have said it with a lot of venom in her voice. Or maybe not, without hearing exactly how she said it, it is hard to make judgement.
  9. sassy_squirrel

    what does Au think of other non-Au RNs?

    Just out of curiousity, how do you know whether someone is a 'non Au' nurse? I know I don't check nurse's Visas when I'm being treated (and really it's none of my business), and you can't assume that someone who has an accent has been trained overseas. My grandmother had an accent and had been living in Australia for almost 50 years.
  10. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    Well done Carol. I hope it works out well for you. Glad you are excited about it! You sound very happy!
  11. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    Yay! Good work and good luck!
  12. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    Thanks Carol. I'm hoping that I will be able to find some work within the Health Care scope while I'm studying. I'm looking every day for jobs within Health Care. Admin/PCA whatever. I also have some contacts so maybe they'll be able to help me too. One friend works at a hospital and another works at an Aged Care Home. Hope your assignments are going well.
  13. sassy_squirrel

    Uninsured patients

    ok so i have done some reading up on america's healthcare system. it's a bit overwhelming trying to understand it all. thanks to dthfytr for explaining it very simplistically to me. i am still curious though as to how prescriptions and doctors visits work? is it basically that you can't visit a gp without insurance, or they are just that expensive that if you don't have insurance most people can't afford to visit them? the link below explains australia's health system so maybe if someone reads that they would understand where my confusion comes from. http://www.dfat.gov.au/facts/healthcare.html
  14. sassy_squirrel

    Uni Application Is In!

    Good luck!!
  15. sassy_squirrel

    Uninsured patients

    Yes I agree. Basic needs such as healthcare should be the most important thing politicians think about. Our healthcare system isn't perfect either and in certain areas it's worse but I admit that I do feel better having our system. Very enlightening chat. Thank you.