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  1. IowaRNBSN

    New Grad- just can't get it

    if not already, have you thought about working the night shift for a while to be able to work on your skills? Night shift is usually just a busy, but you will not have all the hustle and bustle of doctors and families in the halls.
  2. IowaRNBSN

    June 28th AF deadline

    I meet with the recruiter tomorrow to review my packet and sign it to send it in. I thought that this day would never come. It has been a long 12 months. IowaRNBSN
  3. IowaRNBSN

    AF July 2011 Boards

    Subject: AIR FORCE JULY 2011 FULLY QUALIFIED BOARD Due Date for packages: June 28, 2011 Cut-Off Date for final changes: July 12, 2011 Board meets: July 27, 2011 Release date: August 27, 2011 Approximate # med-surg positions: 70 Approximate #icu positions:20 Approximate # ER positions: 15-20 I just spoke with the recruiter, it looks like they will need more nurses this year and budget will be increased for it. So..it looks like people, including myself, will have a good chance of being selected for this board. I am applying for a med-surg position. IowaRNBSN
  4. IowaRNBSN

    July 2011 AF Board Roll Call

    Anybody else sending their packet to the AF fully qualified boards in July 2011? Packets are due at the end of June. I am hoping that my soon to be status as an Air Force Reserve nurse helps me get picked up
  5. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    Try calling the office, if possible talk to the operator or the flight commander. Hope this helps
  6. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    1. Must be RN experience, LPN experience does not count. 2. Must be acute-care experience. 3. 6 months acute care experience to be considered fully qualified.
  7. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    Whats you location, and where is your recruiter based?
  8. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    I was led to believe by my recruiter that only RN experience and hospital experience counts. I will check again.
  9. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    It could be, the last NTP boards was this month. I have no word on when the next NTP boards will be. Fully qualified packets are due June 28 and boards will be in July. IowaRNBSN
  10. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nursing Boards 2011

    Only experience as an Registered Nurse in a hospital will make a person fully qualified. OF the experience, you currently only need to have 6 months of nursing experience, though it may be changing to 1 year of hospital experience. If you do not meet this, you will be not be fully qualified and may be considered for the non-qualified board, which selects people for the Nurse Transition Program (NTP). NTP graduates are placed in clinical nurse setting (medical-surgical setting or OB) for around 2 years, then they may elect to go to other departments, such as the ICU, ED, Clinic, ect. I hope this answers your questions, IowaRNBSN
  11. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nurse Corps

    In general you can trust the Health Care Professions recruiter. Of my experience so far I have had no bull or false information. In general, officer recruiters are a bit better. It is the enlisted side where truths are usually stretched. Still, keep track of everything in the process, and try to get everything in writing. Iowarnbsn
  12. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force NTP Board 4/5

    It's not that the AF doesn't need nurses, it's just that they do not have the budget for them.
  13. fy 2012 air force medical programs statement presented by maj. gen kimberly siniscalchi from april 6, 2011 to the senate appropriations committee http://appropriations.senate.gov/ht-defense.cfm?method=hearings.download&id=85fbfcce-73ce-45ae-9d23-06b0daff3a35 highlights about force development: our nurse transition program (ntp) continues to be an integral component in developing our new nurses. we graduated 212 nurses in fiscal year (fy) 2010 from eight military and two civilian locations. in december 2010, we graduated the third class from scottsdale healthcare system in arizona. this outstanding civilian program has produced 56 nurses since its inception. due to the resounding success of this military-civilian collaboration, we decided to consolidate resources and create four ntp centers of excellence. a civilian magnet facility, tampa general hospital, florida, was recently approved as one of these sites and the training agreement was signed 24 february 2011. the remaining three centers of excellence will be in scottsdale, arizona; san antonio, texas; and cincinnati, ohio; and will provide our new nurses with the experiences so crucial to their professional development. highlights about force management: the goal of force management is to design, develop, and resource the air force nurse corps to sustain a world-class healthcare force in support of our national security strategy and align our inventory and requirements by specialty and grade. we must have the right number of people to accomplish the mission. in fy 2010, we recruited 170 fully qualified nurses and selected 126 new nursing graduates exceeding our recruiting goal of 290. in line with initiatives to decrease air force end-strength, nurse corps recruiting service goals were reduced in 2011. as we face force shaping initiatives, it is critical that we continue to develop programs that provide the clinical ability essential to the sustainment of our nursing force. for those interested in getting a commission, here are the previous years recruiting numbers: previous af recruiting: fy 2011 goal 290 ntp: 126 fq: 170 total: 296 fy 2010 goal: ? ntp: ? fq: ? total: ? fy 2009 goal: 350 ntp: 158 fq: 126 total: 284 retired: 267 fy 2008 goal: 325 ntp: 169 fq: 133 total: 302 retired: ?
  14. IowaRNBSN

    Air Force Nurse Corps

    It should be soon...
  15. IowaRNBSN

    Help! Tailoring Resume for AF

    WTBCRNA pretty much summarized it. I had a Lt. Col review my resume (same Lt. Col I interviewed with). I initially had a resume that was just 1 page...it ended up being 3 pages long.The Lt Col stressed the importance of the resume in that it is one of the main things that the board looks at for your experience. IowaRNBSN