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LPN for ten years

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  1. evieshane

    High School Senior+ADN or BSN?

    I did LPN program coming out of High School which was great I was making money and I knew i wasnt going to stay as LPN but i became difficult to go back to school and you have to keep in mind the more money you make the less chance you have to get any kind of financial aid, grants, you could still get private loans. I guess what i am saying is you are fresh out of High School was is a few more years at college, once you get your RN you will be making really good money and with a BSN you do have more opportunity to further your career. If you need to work while in school I suggest doing your CNA that way you have some healthcare experience , I knew a lot of nursing stundents that left the nursing program because they couldnt handle direct patient care. Remember the fundamentals of nursing is patient care , if you can do that you should be able to do the nursing program. Go straight into RN-BSN
  2. evieshane

    Platt college?

    That is very promising, I also went to one of their sessions the one thing that worries me it the financial part of it and I need to work as well. are you going to work while in school?
  3. evieshane

    What's the deal with Platt College in Aurora?

    I went to their orientation few months back, I can tell you it is expensive around 60-70k but they will give you credit for courses you have taken in the past and if your LPN they will take that into consideration but the length of the course is not shorten just because you have your LPN you just dont go to class on the days they are teaching that class. its 35months to get your BSN and they go by quarters. I believe they are a candidate for NLN. I was thinking about going there for my RN but the program is still fairly new and you have to attend for the most part on full time status. I worry about the cost as well but an average RN can easily make 50k a year so it would be worth it.
  4. evieshane

    Colorado Bridge Program LPN to RN

    Has anyone done the bridge program at Denver school of nursing , Platt college or Concorde in Colorado? If so how was your experience? how long did it take? cost?