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    stuck on this med surg problem, help please

    Thank you guys so much! My friends tried choosing just C alone and D alone and they both were also graded wrong. The question is from a computer software program my school recently began using so I emailed them the question... Hopefully, its just a glitch. 'precciate all your help :)
  2. A morbidly obese client is scheduled for an emergency coronary artery bypass graft (CABG). The nurse knows that this client is at risk for:(Select all that apply.) Note: Credit will be given only if all correct choices and no incorrect choices are selected. a. Liver failure. b. Drug dependency. c. Shock and heart failure. d. Wound dehiscence and delayed healing I answered C and D and got it wrong. This was the rationale: The obese client is at increased risk for delayed wound healing,wound dehiscence, infection, pneumonia, atelectasis, thrombophlebitis,arrhythmias, and heart failure.