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  1. kelly138

    Starting CNA course!! Job After???

    I was in the RN program at TCC in Tallahassee, Fl and i just dropped this past fall semester. I still want to be a nurse but I just don't know if I want to go back there for nusing so since i've been out I've decided to challenge the board and do the CNA. I'm a bit nervous about it but some of my friends that I made while in the nursing program say CNA'S are always in high demand and from what i've heard you don't have to work in ltc before applying to the hospital. As a matter of fact techs don't have to work Ltc b/f applying to the hospital, I can't really speak for orange county but from what i know you should be able to go straight to the hospital if that's what you want.
  2. kelly138

    CNA info?

    Thank you so much for replying. I have been so worried and I know i have some experience from nursing school clinicals but it still makes me nervus. I guess because I wont be learning but actually working and if i screw something up i can be fired. I don't know I may be just blowing things out of proportion. In nursing school I never made any big mistakes in clinicals so maybe i'm just worried for nothing. Nursing school never tought us how to assist with a urinal or hair or nail care they just stuck us in there and it was kind of like you were all on your own even on the first day we ever went to the hospital. N-E way thank you so much for the response I've been kinda putting off taking the state board cause i'm so worried but your response is very comforting and your the first to respond. Thanks:)
  3. kelly138

    CNA info?

    I just took Fundamentals of nursing in the RN program and ended up having to drop in Adult health 1. I've decided to review a CNA book and atleast try to get a job as a CNA for now until I can figure things out. However, I feel a little anxiety about the state board for CNA because I don't know if i can remember EVERY thing I'll need for all of those proceedures. In the nursing program RNs don't do all the things CNA's do so some of those proceedures we went over very quickly or not at all. I guess I'm wondering if I get my CNA and get a job at the hospital or nursing home do they just throw you out there or do you get to kind of shadow someone else first? I get it for the most part but would like a little guidance before being completely on my own.
  4. kelly138

    Keiser vs. TCC vs.LPN

    Keiser and lively are not in Oklahoma they are in Tallahassee, Florida. Hopefull Oklahoma has better schools with better teachers.
  5. kelly138

    Keiser vs. TCC vs.LPN

    I just dropped RN adult health class at TCC. Ever since I droped I've been so depressed. I can't make my mind up about what to do. I would retake the class but this past semester the teachers were very rude and discouraging. I really feel that it damage my self confidence alot. I hate to go back through the hell but i really want to be a nurse, and i really enjoy learning about the body. I've thought of keiser but I've heard its expensive and I don't know if the environment is any better or if it's worse. I heard keiser only does 1-2 classes at a time which for me is good because I have a child and family. Tcc no longer has part time, the class i dropped was the last part time they were offering. I have also thought of Lively. Lively only offers LPN but I sometimes think for the time I put into TCC I could have already had my LPN, and that it's better than going to TCC for 2 yrs. and failing later on and having nothing to show for the time and money. At the same time I hear LPN's are fading. Can someone outthere please help me!!!!!!!! I'm so confused:uhoh3:
  6. kelly138

    New graduate LPNs: any luck finding jobs.

    I'm in the same position, except I dropped my semester as RN. I have thought about going back but now the program is only full time and I have a family and think full time would be too tough. I've thought of getting the LPN. I've heard of some people that were in my program dropping and getting their LPN. The only thing that scares me is if they will still be in any demand when I get out or if the economy is just going to eventually completely do away with LPN's all together. I wish I could offer more answers than questions but I can't. I can say I know what your going through and it may be better to get the LPN first so that at least you have something esp since you've already taken some nursing classes. I think of that now, that if I would have just done the LPN years ago atleast I would have that. I think it's better than going back to RN and if you don't make it all the way through or fail for some reason then you have nothing and your out of more time and more money and have nothing to show for it. That's just kind of how I'm thinking. Hope that helps some.
  7. kelly138

    Bad news about TCC RN program

    I just dropped the past fall semester. I have seen and heard some pretty crapy things while I was there. People that are not from the U.S. are treated badly and I've seen what you are saying about them with the LPN's it's sad that they are like that. It was a huge mess!! No one would help with anything, and if you ask a question in clinicals you can pretty much bet your getting a U. We started out with about 20 and ended with 5. I've heard teachers talking gossiping about other students in lab one of whom was my friend from Egypt. I feel that they do not act professional. Shame on them. N-E way T.cc nolonger does LPN to Rn and they no longer have part time evening weekend either. I don't know what to do myself I go b/t going back which I don't really want to do, applying to keiser which is expensive or going to lively for LPN which everyone is saying is fading out. I feel T.cc has ruined my life. On my first test in ADH 1 i made the highest grade in my class but from there on out it was a nightmare. If you haven't already started that program I would recommend somewhere else, and god bless your friends.
  8. kelly138

    LPN vs RN

    I'm in the same position kind of. I went to T.C.C for a year in the RN program which was part time but had one horrific teacher and dropped the semester. Now the school has went to full time and I have a 5yr old and am not sure I can handle full time. I've also questioned if LPN's are fading out and if I go to a tech school for LPN if I will be able to find a job. Please people reply to these Questions. The good thing about getting the LPN first is that atleast you wont go almost 2yr to a RN program and if something goes wrong have nothing to show for your time... that's my situation