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CNA info?

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I just took Fundamentals of nursing in the RN program and ended up having to drop in Adult health 1. I've decided to review a CNA book and atleast try to get a job as a CNA for now until I can figure things out. However, I feel a little anxiety about the state board for CNA because I don't know if i can remember EVERY thing I'll need for all of those proceedures. In the nursing program RNs don't do all the things CNA's do so some of those proceedures we went over very quickly or not at all. I guess I'm wondering if I get my CNA and get a job at the hospital or nursing home do they just throw you out there or do you get to kind of shadow someone else first?:confused: I get it for the most part but would like a little guidance before being completely on my own.

When i started in a Hosptial I was with someone for a few weeks as a CNA. And when you get to know the people you work with you should pretty much have a good group that you can count on for help. and if you ever have any quesiton be sure to ask the serson whi is training you. i am sure that they are more than happy to help, and if they are not then be sure to let your charge nurse or the manager of the floor know what is going on. In my experince people are helpful :)

Thank you so much for replying. I have been so worried and I know i have some experience from nursing school clinicals but it still makes me nervus. I guess because I wont be learning but actually working and if i screw something up i can be fired. I don't know I may be just blowing things out of proportion. In nursing school I never made any big mistakes in clinicals so maybe i'm just worried for nothing. Nursing school never tought us how to assist with a urinal or hair or nail care they just stuck us in there and it was kind of like you were all on your own even on the first day we ever went to the hospital. N-E way thank you so much for the response I've been kinda putting off taking the state board cause i'm so worried but your response is very comforting and your the first to respond. Thanks:)