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  1. Coco97

    Nursing agencies Delaware area

    I don't think NurseFinders had anything in my area but I will check out Favorite. Thanks!
  2. Coco97

    Nursing agencies Delaware area

    Does anyone know of any good nursing agencies to work for Per Diem? I already know of Maxim Staffing. Any others?
  3. Does anyone know if Delaware Tech is offering any distance learning clinical nursing courses? I know you must go in to the clinical sites for the labs, but for the theory classes do they have any online or telecourses?
  4. Did anyone get accepted into the Deltech Stanton clinicals? If you did, how many ranking points did you have?
  5. Coco97

    going to school to become an RN

    You can usually expect to go to school at least 3 years to become an RN. For the Associate Degree of Nursing program you'll have one year or more of prerequisites, like English, Math, and Science, and two years of nursing clinicals. The Bachelors route takes 4 years. Expect to do A LOT of studying! The courses are very intense and you should not fall behind. But once you get acclimated to the program you may even begin to enjoy it. Some of the experiments and procedures you will learn can be fun. Just don't let yourself get too stressed out with any setbacks you face, and you'll do just fine.
  6. Coco97

    Delaware Tech ranking points

    I just applied to the Delaware Tech RN nursing program for the Stanton campus. I got 19 out of the possible 24 points. Does anyone know the lowest amount of points that has been accepted for clinicals?
  7. Coco97

    The wait for your acceptance into nursing school

    I just filled out my application a few days ago and I am so anxious! I want to go to Delaware Tech, and I have 19 out of the possible 24 clinical points. Does anyone know the lowest number of points that was accepted to clinicals at Deltech Stanton campus?
  8. I am applying to the Delaware Tech Stanton campus clinicals this year. I will be finished all my prereqs this semester, and I have 19 points towards clinicals out of 24. Does anyone know of the lowest amount of points needed to get a clinical seat? I would like to be in the top 80.