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  1. Scrub tops for infection control nurses

    Hi there, Does anyone know if a company makes cute scrub tops for IPC practitioners? Looking for a bacteria themed print.
  2. Hospitals paying for your stay?

    Went I went to Alaska to work, I received a $15,000 relocation/sign on bonus as a NICU RN. IT was also given to two new grads who started about the same time as me. Interview was over the phone, so no interview allowance needed.
  3. Countries that will take American license (BSN)?

    Not necessarily true....I have worked in a number of countries whose language was something other than English and used English to work. Also, I have worked in some countries (outside Europe) where my original license is accepted and I am exempted f...
  4. International Traveling Nurse-- RN/NP

    you could try continental travel nurse. They will recruit americans to work 3 month assignments around the UK(mainly in the south). Trustaff travel nurse agency (who I cannot really recommend) has recruited for the Virgin Islands and Guam in the pas...
  5. Landstuhl Civilian Nursing

    I applied to Landstuhl a couple of years ago in response to an ad on USAJobs requesting neonatal nurses. I sent in my resume but never heard back. So I called them. I spoke with the head of nurse recruiting. He told me that they use a computerized sc...
  6. Traveling nurse, worldwide!'s not impossible to get work overseas, but it's not easy either. Really helps if you have a parent or grandparent that was born overseas so you can get a passport that allows you to work easier. I was originally a US RN and left for a job i...
  7. Continental Travel Nurse, NICU

    Hi, I am also a NICU nurse. I am currently in Alaska, but I have worked on and off in the UK and about 15 other countries around the world...all NICU. I do know Continental Travel Nurse. I contemplated changing over to them while I was working in th...
  8. US RN wanting to travel internationally

    Are you still looking to travel??? I am a RN with over 20 years of international work in every continent (except Antarctica!). Austalia and NZ are loosening up a bit on visa restrictions to let non commonwealth nurses in to their countries. Europe is...
  9. Thoughts from US nurses in New Zealand

    Rather poorly paid, little paid holiday, no pension contributions by hospital, somewhat high cost of living. I did it for 6 months, and it was good for that kind of contract length. Great for hiking. HOwever, I like to travel, and the NZ dollar isn't...
  10. California new grad RN planning to work in Australia

    I spent months trying to join a US travel nurse agency after spending years overseas in Europe and Australia. No one would take me on without recent US experience...Eventually, I found a company who sent me to Guam for 13 weeks (which counted as US e...
  11. US RN needs advice on working in QLD!!!

    I did over 20 years ago...what you are trying to do now. It is near impossible to get a job in OB without being a midwife. However, NICU is open to non-midwives. For jobs...check out
  12. After years of delaying putting in an application for nursing in B.C., I finally started the paperwork early last year. 3 months later, the recruiter told me that they put a freeze on new hires from international sources. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The webs...
  13. Hi, I am a neonatal nurse currently working on a small island in the pacific. A few hours ago I admitted a baby who looks like it has harlequins or colloidian skin disease. It also has multiple anomolies. None of the doctors here (ditto for the nurse...
  14. NICUs in Alaska

    I am considering taking a neonatal travel nurse position in Alaska. THe past few years I have not been working in level 3...more like a level 2A (short term vents, CPAP, no surgery, etc). Most of my NICU level 3 work was in Australia and I am no long...
  15. NICUs in Alaska

    Thanks..very informative. I was thinking of getting my Alaskan license to be prepared just in case an assignment comes up. But...since it's quite expensive to get the license.. I'll review that decision!
  16. 3 month middle east NICU contracts

    Does anyone from the UK, AUstralia, or the US know if any agencies are recruiting NICU nurses for 3-6 month contracts in the middle east?
  17. Anyone going to Haiti?

    Fastaff Travel Nurse agency sent out a notice...apparently paying nurses $40/hour (living in a tent city) to go there. I see they are advertising on their website, but the salary info came from a colleague that was contacted by them.
  18. RN moving to Oahu

    I worked there as a travel nurse two times. Tripler Army Medical Center has L&D and a NICU. To work there, you must be military or get a job as a civilian nurse. I was there years ago and most of the nurses in L&D/NICU weren't military as the...
  19. US Nurses Wishing to Work Overseas

    I think we are saying the same thing!
  20. Working as a nurse for medical mission trips

    Just came off Mercyships last year. They are not the same as Mercycorps. Mercyships has been desperate for theatre (OR) nurses...and was paying airfares and some of the crew expenses last year. They take nurses for 2 weeks to 2 years. It is a great o...
  21. International Travel Nursing Agencies?

    geneva health
  22. My hands need a good hand cream!

    it's 100% natural shea butter! Sticks on like glue and lasts a long time. Some natural chemist shops have it, but it is usually much cheaper to buy it off the internet somewhere.
  23. Not cut out to be a nurse

    My thoughts exactly. FIrst thing that pops into my mind is neonatal nursing in a nursery. Generally a happy place to work, but can be trying if working in an area with high rates of drug use, domestic violence, etc.
  24. US Nurses Wishing to Work Overseas

    A European nursing license could also read as a nursing license from I intended it to. However,there is a council in Europe that oversees the standards for nurses to be licensed in EU countries. Ditto for EU passport. That reads as a pass...
  25. US Nurses Wishing to Work Overseas

    Commonwealth citizenship is citizenship in a commonwealth country such as Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, etc. It harks back to the days when these countries were British outposts. It is often easier for a nurse (or any profess...