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  1. stormdanzr23

    uab 2013

    Just wanted to let you know that I called them and they said they mailed them out on Friday!!!
  2. stormdanzr23

    uab 2013

    I applied for psych NP so I might not hear back the same time as you but it should give us around a ball park date! I hate waiting! I was accepted into 2 other schools so I just want to get a decision made before it's too late! UAB is my #1 choice so it figures it's the last one I hear back from!
  3. stormdanzr23

    uab 2013

    Ah, I thought I was the only one waiting! I called a few weeks ago and they told me by Nov 15th. Just seems so much later than the other schools! I'll post as soon as I hear something, if you could let me know when you hear anything too please!
  4. stormdanzr23

    Saint Louis University anyone???

    Yep, psych np :)
  5. stormdanzr23

    Saint Louis University anyone???

    You can absolutely PM me, I'm supposed to start in Spring so January! I'm excited too but very nervous. I have a family and work and all that as well. But I just finished up and online RN-BSN program that I loooooved so I hope this is similar to that. I have been searching high and low for anything about the program- you're so lucky that you know someone who has been in it and can tell you! I got accepted into one other school and am waiting on another, but there's a huge price difference in them so that's kind of where I''m at right now just collecting information! What have you types of things have you heard about the program?
  6. stormdanzr23

    Saint Louis University anyone???

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I found out yesterday that I was admitted into the psych NP progam as well! I have some things to look into and a bunch of questions to ask of them but everything goods good so far! I'm looking forward to hearing what anyone else has heard about the program. I haven't seen much about it on this website.
  7. stormdanzr23

    Anyone applying for University of South Alabama?

    I applied as well and the wait was driving me crazy so I decided to give them a call and they said theyre still working on it and they're hoping to reach a decision by late this week or early next :) Hang in there guys!
  8. It seems like i'll be taking 12 classes...I'm waiting for my official schedule to come in any day now but that's what it seems like for now. I was trying to find their pass/fail rate.....I do okay in school but I don't want to pay 20,000+ and fail out of a class and have to retake it so I was trying to figure out exactly how challenging these courses are. Have you heard anything about that?
  9. I didn't have to take any math tests...they were hoping my statistics class transfered in and i havent heard anything else about it so i guess that it did (whew!). I'm going to go full time...i guess it's full time....2 classes at a time...they said if I do that then i'll be done in 10 months.
  10. I'm starting on July 4th as well!! Im taking that one nursing class that they recommend and then cultural diversity! Best of luck to the both of us!! How long is it going to take you to complete the program?
  11. stormdanzr23

    Psych degree vs masters in psych

    Quick question....Im almost finished with my RN degree and I know im going to go on to finish my education. I LOVE LOVE psych....but where can I go or what can I do with a master of nursing specializing in psychology, or should I just go out and try to get a psychology degree?
  12. stormdanzr23

    CNA License-MBON not responding

    The MBON can be really really slow at time. i would call and just make sure you talk to a person...
  13. stormdanzr23

    Advice to a new grad

    What advice would you give a new grad? What is the most important thing you learned in nursing school?
  14. stormdanzr23

    Hardest/easiest part of your job?

    What is the hardest and easiest part of your job?
  15. stormdanzr23

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    I work 8 hrs now... did a year of 16 hrs shifts. 16 is a little much but i would love to have 12!! I dont think 8 hrs is enough time to get all the work i need to get done finished!!
  16. stormdanzr23

    Please help ...LPN school

    Focus on a&p and microbiology