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  1. Did the laser thing too, EVLT. It was a Godsend, although to be honest, the procedure itself was a bit freaky. It does not hurt at all, but it's a little weird. Then again, I had a paradoxical reaction to the Valium -- it made me hyper -- so that may...
  2. Thanks, everybody! I truly appreciate the info. This website is a very valuable resource!!
  3. Leaving after 8 months...bad?

    My goodness, opportunity only knocks once -- sometimes, in this economy, it never even knocks once! You only have one life -- go for your dream job while you can!! You'll be surprised how quickly life passes you by, and you regret all those opportun...
  4. One year program, no waiting list, includes uniforms and you get meds/IV cert included. Is this tuition high? I can't say the name of the school, sorry. Just wondered if it was too high. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm getting this down

    Rock on! I think it's great that you got the situation on hand like that. :)
  6. Co-Worker not smelling so good

    Oh, man. I have been there, too -- working with someone who was extremely smelly. The thing is, there are some people who can't wear deoderant due to health reasons (lymph node issues, etc.) so maybe that's the case? Sometimes it's religious ... that...
  7. I think you should have caught the anemia as well, but I also think you are being treated extremely unfairly. Being told you "don't think like a nurse" and "your brain is not wired to be a nurse" is not only quite bizarre, it is unprofessional on the...
  8. Just anecdotal -- I remember when I was having weird shakiness and fatigue, my doctor ordered a vitamin D test. I turned out to be deficient in vitamin D (something I never even considered) and when I started supplements, I was fine. Maybe that is on...
  9. This is way OT, so might not work for your class, but here is a really bizarre ailment I bet your teacher would not be bored reading about: http://www.rnib.org.uk/eyehealth/eyeconditions/conditionsac/Pages/charles_bonnet.aspx
  10. Hiring managers-opinion please

    I am a total fashionista, and the shoes sound absolutely FAB but I would not wear them to an interview. I have always heard that you should not wear even one flashy thing to an interview; I have also heard that if you have any doubts about something...
  11. I graduated from my CNA class!

  12. Is full-time as an LPN usually 36 or 40 hours a week?

    Thanks for the info, everybody!! I appreciate everybody's time.
  13. Hi everyone, I tried to find out this info on Google and threads but could not come to a firm conclusion. When an LPN is hired full-time, is that typically considered to be 36 hours a week or 40 hours a week? I am just wondering because not working ...
  14. considering becoming an LPN.. question......

    Here in Ohio only PA's and NP's can do that ...
  15. Horizontal Hostility Crisis / HR

    I also "lost my cool" today after years of bullying ... you are not alone. I personally am waiting for my severance package. Anyway, you are not alone and I think you did the right thing. It's true that HR is NOT on your side ... can you avoid the me...