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    irony of times when families enter

    Murphy's Law!
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    Nursing poetry?

    Walt Whitman was a nurse. He never wrote about nursing per se, but a lot of his poetry evolved from his experiences while working as one. Many of the prominent contemporary poets cite him as a major influence in their work, so he may be a good place to start :)
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    New Grad RN 2011

    The NVCC Medical Education Campus in Springfield is having a job expo on Thursday, March 3rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Recruiters from various facilities in the area (including INOVA, Virginia Hospital Center, Kaiser Permanente, and Children's National Medical Center) are scheduled to be there. They're apparently looking for May 2011 graduates. Good luck!
  4. Okay, I understand the concept of blood compatibility and know how to determine it between potential donors/recipients. I understand that type O- is the universal donor because it doesn't have A/B antibodies or the Rh antigen, and therefore would not cause a reaction in a recipient who does have them. I also understand that type AB+ is the universal recipient because it already has both A/B antibodies and the Rh antigen, so receiving blood that has all or some of these antibodies/antigens would not cause a reaction. My question is...why? If, for instance, a donor with type O- can give blood to an AB+ recipient without a reaction, why can't an AB+ donor give blood to an O- recipient without a reaction? Why does it make a difference who the recipient is and who the donor is if, in the end, you're combining both blood types anyway? I posed this question to my A&P professor, and she admitted that she doesn't know. Really, I'm just curious--I like to understand why something is the way that it is. Please--can anyone help me?
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    Problem with School Advisor

    Hi OP, The person you need to speak to regarding this is specific to your particular school and situation. You should be able to find everything you need to know on how to proceed in your Student Handbook. Good luck!
  6. I hope they get every penny.
  7. Shanimal

    Frustrated Psych. nurse

    Seems like something you should handle through HR. Remember to bring your supporting paperwork, too. Good luck!
  8. Hi Qtpiecal, 1) Not sure if this will change in the future, but you ARE allowed to apply to more than one nursing program at a time. If you are admitted to more than one program, the nursing department requests that you notify them of any offers you will not be accepting so that those "slots" can be offered to another student. 2) As of now, admission is to the NVCC nursing program is no longer on a first-come, first-served basis; it's entirely merit-based (with preference given to Virginia in-state students) and competitive, since only a certain number of slots are available each year. As long as you submit your application requirements before the deadline, you will be evaluated equally among all candidates. 3) Only admitted nursing students can take nursing courses. However, I highly recommend completing any or all nursing co-requisites before beginning the program. These include non-nursing courses like PSY 202, HLT 141, etc. Seriously--having any of these done beforehand will make your life so much easier. 4) That depends. Sometimes the nursing department offers an accelerated in-person nursing program, which includes a full-time summer semester. The other one is the (accelerated) online-hybrid program, which also includes a full-time summer semester. It may be that the poster is using the term interchangeably, or that he/she is specifically referencing one of the programs. Hope this helps, and good luck with your application!
  9. I was able to do my pre-requisites in a year, and knocked out all of the co-requisites by the end of the summer. Save yourself some money and don't take the computer class unless you really want to or don't pass the computer competency test. It's pretty basic, and you only need something like a 74% to pass. You can get a review sheet of the skills you need know by doing a search on the NVCC website. Also, if you've taken high school biology and chemistry within the past 10 years and earned at least a C in each, you only need to take NAS. This may not apply to you, but figured I should let you know since I've met a few students who ended up taking more courses than they had to. Good luck!
  10. Nothing is official without an admission confirmation letter from the program. Any number of reasons could explain why some have the link and others do not, regardless of admission status. Also, those who may not get in inititially are put on a waiting list in case someone drops from the program. And believe me, there are quite a few who do for whatever reason--I know this because last year I was one of them :) Good luck!
  11. Thanks flames, that's some sound advice. :)
  12. I applied to the traditional.
  13. Hey, Leezy. Yeah, I think because you haven't taken courses at NOVA yet is why you don't have the tab.
  14. I logged onto Blackboard today and noticed that under "My Organizations" there is now a link for "Traditional Track Nursing Fall 2010 Orientation." Seems like a good sign to me :)
  15. Acceptance letters haven't been mailed out yet. I received a letter yesterday from the NVCC nursing department indicating that my application was received, but that it would be at least 2 weeks after the May 27th application deadline before they start sending out acceptance letters. Good luck!
  16. Just give it more time. There are certainly jobs to be had and there are new openings around here all the time. However, there are also a lot of applicants to compete with. Expect to spend at least a month job hunting *aggressively* before you land a position.
  17. You can apply for RN 2 positions at INOVA as a new grad (you'll just be paid at the new grad rate). Have you checked out Reston Hospital Center or Dominion Hospital (part of the HCA Health System)? Or Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington? What about nearby LTCs and nursing homes? Good luck.
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    How do I get a job in ED?

    I think your previous experience as an ED Tech and getting the ACLS/PALS certs will be really helpful. But, as you've acknowledged, leaving your current job after only 9 months may dissuade potential employers from wanting to hire you. Perhaps you can spend some time shadowing an ED nurse. I think being able to discuss a shadowing experience in your cover letter, and how it led you to the informed decision that ED nursing is the right specialty for you, may help convince employers that you're not a "flight risk." And, of course, be sure to highlight skills and experiences you've learned while in med/surg that are applicable to working in the ED on your resume. Good luck!
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    Hospital Staff and Student Relationship

    Yes, please tell your instructor. You are never a whiner for being a patient advocate, and what this nurse did (actually, didn't do) was clearly unprofessional and dangerous.
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    Having trouble with a decision

    don't let nursing politics alone dissuade you from the profession. i'm not a nurse myself yet, but as others have noted, i'm sure that there aren't any more politics in nursing than in other career fields. here are a few ideas off the top of my head you can try: 1. the scariest things are often that which we don't understand. knowledge is power! check out your library for self-help books on how to deal with (or even thrive in) career politics. glance over them for some tips and try them out whenever you can. practice makes perfect, you know . 2. shadow a nurse at a nearby hospital and see for yourself what it's really like. 3. get your feet wet by being a cna first. (edit: oops, just saw in one of your posts that you've already worked as an aide. disregard, then.)
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    Unprofessional "Prospective" Employers...Grrr

    I'd call them tomorrow "just to check on the status" of your application. (And yes, I would be a little irritated by the no-call-back-as-promised too).
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    New Grads and Resumes

    I think you have to have posted a minimum of 15 times on this site before your PM privileges are activated.
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    PSY101 online summer class

    I did several of my nursing prerequisites online last summer (including a psych course) and did very well in them. So yes, I would say it's definitely doable, as long as you're organized enough to keep up with deadlines and motivated enough to avoid falling behind. Have you checked out ratemyprofessors.com? I would suggest screening any potential professors there first--you may find some helpful feedback from their former students.
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    Unsure of wording to use for a red bum while charting!

    Another term is gluteal sulcus (if you want to get really fancy :)).
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    Question about Application to NOVA nursing program in VA.

    Unfortunately I couldn't begin the nursing program this year due to a family emergency, but I plan to start it this upcoming fall. Are you going to apply for the traditional program too?