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  1. Hi Everyone! I got an offer today for a Med/Surg position After 10 months of persistent job hunting after graduation, somebody finally wants me lol So I was offered either day or night shift.... I want to hear some opinions about it. I'm an early bird and thinks i'm a day person... however, if I must do nights.. I will. So my concern is.... WHICH shift is better for a new grad? In terms of learning and getting comfortable with the unit ...etc.
  2. nicu is my passion and there is no other field I want to get into. I'm still considered a new grad... graduated last year. I live in NY and if there are hospitals in states nearby NY that are hiring, I'd love to relocate for a nicu job. Please help Thanks a bunch!
  3. carebearsRN

    what do you think about NYU HJD?

    does anyone work for NYU HJD? can you tell me more about it (nursing environment, HR process..etc) ?
  4. Hi! Does anyone work at Med/Surg unit at Montefiore? Can you please tell me more about the unit? What you like and don't like about it? Any challenges that the unit is facing? Is it a good learning environment for new grads? Sorry for the many questions... Thanks!!
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    what to say to patients' family?

    I work at a private facility and our Dr. is usually late. The patients always ask where is the doctor? (sometimes I really don't know where she is) When I walk out into the waiting room, the family members ask why is it taking so long.... is the doctor here yet? etc. How do I respond to this?! Be honest? Or just be tough and say we're a little delayed, and then walk away?
  6. Why is betadine rubbed onto the skin for those with shellfish/iodine allergies before surgery/procedure?
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    why betadine on skin for those with iodine/shellfish allergy?

    i believe rubbed on to test allergic reaction...
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    Why did you choose to become a NICU nurse?

    I can read about NICU stuff all day long. I was inspired to work as a NICU nurse after my preceptorship at the unit. It was a Level III unit and I saw and learned so much from it. I'm still seeking a NICU job and wish to become an neonatal nurse one day. I never thought that I would love working with babies because I was the youngest in my whole family and never had a chance to play with them (which is why I used to get scared holding my friend's baby b/c I didn't know what to do! lol). Before graduation, we got to choose which unit we wanted for our preceptorship. Since I only visited the NICU for a day during my OB clinical at a small local hospital , which only had 4 beds , something made choose the NICU instead of ummm Med/Surg, ER, MICU like the rest of my classmates. Well anyway, after my preceptorship, I loved it so much because of the total care that was given to the sick newborns, the high technology involved, the dedicated & compassionate nursing staff, and providing support to the family. I always looked forward going to clinical every time even though I had to wake up at 4:30am for me to get there at 6:30. The NICU is truly special and I fell in love with it. That's my story and now I'm excited to hear from you all!
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    Discouraged new grad

    If you're planning to relocate, don't come to NYC... there are no jobs for new grads here either. However, if you're willing to go to the upstate area that is far far from the city you might be able to find a job. I've had some classmates who relocated to Texas (seems like they're hiring all the time) and another relocated to South Carolina. Good luck with your search! It took me one year and I finally found one (but not at hospital).
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    Is nursing really THAT bad?

    Oh no, don't get us wrong. This site is more of an informational/vent forums for nurses, students, pre-nursing people. You may be reading a lot of negative posts but behind all that venting are nurses who love their jobs Personally, I love nursing. I love taking care of my patients, the advanced knowledge, the teamwork, the paycheck... etc.
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    BOTOX/Dermal Filler Training

    Sorry, I don't have any info for you but I'd like to know... are you a cosmetic surgery nurse? If yes, do you mind telling me about it? I'm interested in this field! PM me if you like :)
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    If you can say one thing to your boss, what would it be?

    I would say "stop making so much noise with your 3 inch heels and put on some flats, it's just so much more comfortable"
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    New RN who may lose her Med Surg job

    not if you prove them wrong someday
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    New RN who may lose her Med Surg job

    Great hands on skills comes with experience! Your preceptor should have some more faith in you and understand that you're a new RN. Perhaps whenever you get the chance, volunteer to help other nurses on the unit with hands-on tasks :) I'm a new nurse too and I see myself getting better at it everyday just by repetition
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    How is NICU at NSLIJ health system?

    Does anyone work at NICU at NSLIJ? How is the nursing environment there?
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    Advice needed on job offers

    are you able to relocate ? 2 hr drive in traffic is brutal... and you have to remember that 12 hr shifts are not really 12 hrs b/c you might have to stay longer to finish up charting, admissions, or something out of the blue happened to your patient. If it's a great teaching hospital, i'd recommend you try to relocate b/c you will have a great learning experience. As far as LTC, I do know several friends who started there and went on to working at a hospital but they always tell me that they wished they had started at a hospital first.
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    So...whap apps do you have on your phone?

    epocrates is awesome!
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    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    september? I guess I missed the June one b/c someone previously stated that they had an interview this month. Sigh.. and I've been calling HR and checking the website frequently for the postings and got nothing
  19. carebearsRN

    Bored on night shift- should I ask for transfer?

    you don't necessarily have to transfer to "another unit"... you might want to ask your manager to switch you to day shift. I'm a new grad working days and it's super busy.. I don't even have time to sit down and end up going to lunch around 3-4pm =\ but other than that, i love working days because I see so much going on during rounds, changing orders throughout the day, visitors... etc. Sometimes I wished I had "down time" like the rest of my friends who are working nights
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    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    how did you get the interview?? i have been actively looking at their career site for updated postings and haven't seen the fellowship positions
  21. carebearsRN

    Advice for clinicals... Pleaseee

    Being a student gives you full advantage to "bother" the nurses so you can learn a lot and get the most out of it. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you've learned how to do assessments then ask if you could do it. Having strong assessment skills is a must and this is a great time for you to master it before you really have to work. Tell them that you would like to observe procedures going on at the unit whenever there is a chance.. other than that, i found it very resourceful to read patient charts and learn the diseases & drugs. Also, this would be a great time to look at the charts to see how nurses do their charting :) theres lots to learn from.
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    another math calculation problem

    bingo! good job you got it. When you look at the problem, don't over read it. Sometimes they throw in the #'s to confuse you. It was only asking for how many mEq KCL you should add to a 500cc bag. The pharmacy gave you its KCL supply... and what was the question asking for? the amt of KCL
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    another math calculation problem

    how about you try it first, show us the steps... and then we'll guide you.:) hint: use the equation - Desire dose ------------- X Supply Have dose
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    rotator cuff surgery

    My mom had rotator cuff surgery 2 years ago and it took her more than 6 mos. to recover. Diff. people heal differently... she still complains of pain sometimes.
  25. carebearsRN

    Help! New RN trying to get into Northshore-LIJ

    anyone see further updates on their site?