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  1. carebearsRN

    what to say to patients' family?

    I work at a private facility and our Dr. is usually late. The patients always ask where is the doctor? (sometimes I really don't know where she is) When I walk out into the waiting room, the family members ask why is it taking so long.... is the doctor here yet? etc. How do I respond to this?! Be honest? Or just be tough and say we're a little delayed, and then walk away?
  2. carebearsRN

    why betadine on skin for those with iodine/shellfish allergy?

    i believe rubbed on to test allergic reaction...
  3. Why is betadine rubbed onto the skin for those with shellfish/iodine allergies before surgery/procedure?
  4. carebearsRN

    Discouraged new grad

    If you're planning to relocate, don't come to NYC... there are no jobs for new grads here either. However, if you're willing to go to the upstate area that is far far from the city you might be able to find a job. I've had some classmates who relocated to Texas (seems like they're hiring all the time) and another relocated to South Carolina. Good luck with your search! It took me one year and I finally found one (but not at hospital).
  5. carebearsRN

    Is nursing really THAT bad?

    Oh no, don't get us wrong. This site is more of an informational/vent forums for nurses, students, pre-nursing people. You may be reading a lot of negative posts but behind all that venting are nurses who love their jobs Personally, I love nursing. I love taking care of my patients, the advanced knowledge, the teamwork, the paycheck... etc.
  6. carebearsRN

    BOTOX/Dermal Filler Training

    Sorry, I don't have any info for you but I'd like to know... are you a cosmetic surgery nurse? If yes, do you mind telling me about it? I'm interested in this field! PM me if you like :)
  7. carebearsRN

    If you can say one thing to your boss, what would it be?

    I would say "stop making so much noise with your 3 inch heels and put on some flats, it's just so much more comfortable"
  8. carebearsRN

    New RN who may lose her Med Surg job

    not if you prove them wrong someday
  9. carebearsRN

    New RN who may lose her Med Surg job

    Great hands on skills comes with experience! Your preceptor should have some more faith in you and understand that you're a new RN. Perhaps whenever you get the chance, volunteer to help other nurses on the unit with hands-on tasks :) I'm a new nurse too and I see myself getting better at it everyday just by repetition
  10. carebearsRN

    How is NICU at NSLIJ health system?

    Does anyone work at NICU at NSLIJ? How is the nursing environment there?
  11. carebearsRN

    Advice needed on job offers

    are you able to relocate ? 2 hr drive in traffic is brutal... and you have to remember that 12 hr shifts are not really 12 hrs b/c you might have to stay longer to finish up charting, admissions, or something out of the blue happened to your patient. If it's a great teaching hospital, i'd recommend you try to relocate b/c you will have a great learning experience. As far as LTC, I do know several friends who started there and went on to working at a hospital but they always tell me that they wished they had started at a hospital first.
  12. carebearsRN

    So...whap apps do you have on your phone?

    epocrates is awesome!
  13. carebearsRN

    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    september? I guess I missed the June one b/c someone previously stated that they had an interview this month. Sigh.. and I've been calling HR and checking the website frequently for the postings and got nothing
  14. carebearsRN

    Bored on night shift- should I ask for transfer?

    you don't necessarily have to transfer to "another unit"... you might want to ask your manager to switch you to day shift. I'm a new grad working days and it's super busy.. I don't even have time to sit down and end up going to lunch around 3-4pm =\ but other than that, i love working days because I see so much going on during rounds, changing orders throughout the day, visitors... etc. Sometimes I wished I had "down time" like the rest of my friends who are working nights
  15. carebearsRN

    North Shore University RN Fellowship? Input needed!

    how did you get the interview?? i have been actively looking at their career site for updated postings and haven't seen the fellowship positions