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  1. omianly

    pathophysiology question on heart

    GrnTea, Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Now I can understand a little better :) You really are a savior!!!
  2. omianly

    pathophysiology question on heart

    GrnTea. Thank you so much for your explanation. I think I kinda get the concept now except the CAD part. Here’s the part I understood. the filling pressure is the end-of diastole pressure in the ventricle, referred as preload. And this filling pressure is equal to the pulmonary artery pressure. So, if there is increase in the filling pressure, pulmonary artery pressure increases as well. Mitral stenosis inhibits complete emptying of left atrium, so the pressure builds up in the lungs. Mitral regurgitation increases filling pressure because it has to accept a higher reload at diastole. I’m still shaky on the concept of CAD relationship with the filling pressure. So for the CAD, since the highest peak point of filling pressure is reached faster than in a healthy heart, it causes the pulmonary hypertension (this is what I understood so far). But, in fact, CAD’s actual filling pressure is lower than in a healthy heart, right? Because if the curve is shifted to the left, the highest point comes first, which is at a lower number in the horizontal axis. It’s just reaching the highest peak filling pressure sooner, causing the pulmonary hypertension more easily? So when you say, “how CAD will give you higher filling pressure,” does this mean it’s just reaching the filling pressure in a much faster rate? Once again, thank you so much for helping me out…. I’m really feeling hopeless with myself not understanding this…
  3. Hi, I'm study for my patho exam, and I don't understand a term. What does increase in left ventricle filling pressure mean? My instructor says it's can be caused by CAD and Mitral Valve disease. But I don't understand what filling pressure mean is. I'm thinking filling pressure is the preload, but then increase in filling pressure would mean more blood volume in the ventricle. Then it contradicts what my teacher said because CAD and mitral stenosis causes less blood filling in ventricle, right? (oh, I'm studying the pulmonary hypertension, and "increase in left ventricular filling pressure" is one of the causes.) I would really appreciate help clarifying these relationship and the meaning of the filling pressure... Thank you!
  4. omianly

    writing a research paper on nursing

    thank you all for the replies! any ideas are appreciated . This essay is dragging me.. >^^
  5. Hi All, I'm writing a research paper for my English class on why nursing field has become popular nowadays and how it may be a good thing that nursing became a popular profession. But I can't find any reliable website where it lists out datas on United States nurses for the last fifty years. can anybody recommend any sites that has a good information on nurses in United States? thank you!
  6. I'm on the 78th on the list for Ohlone college. their available spots are 40. what do you guys think what are my chances? do you guys have any idea how many percent doen't accept the acceptance? Usually people submit applications to many other school, so I'm hoping some of them won't attend the Ohlone. my dilemma is taking the teas now or later. I don't want to take the teas test yet unless I absolutely have to. please help me!
  7. hello, i will be applying to chabot nursing program this january and on their application, it says, "list all colleges and universities including chabot* and las positas* attended even if no nursing related courses were taken and submit one official transcript* of each. use an additional piece of paper if more space is needed. this is required to determine your overall, lower division, college grade point average. failure to do so will result in your application being rejected as incomplete and if selected, dismissal from the program." my question is that i've attended ohlone college for the pre-req classes for last two years.. however i've attended some other junior colleges 7-8 years ago.. do i have to included those colleges even though i won't be using any of the classes i have taken from there? (my grades from those school is really really bad) i would contact the couselor directly, but their office is closed til 18th, but the application due date is 15th... if anyone has any idea whether i should include it or not... would you please advise me? i would really appreciate it... thank you.