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  1. First off Congratulations!!!!   Not sure about your facility but I know at mine it is a HUGE fete.  I would love if you would send me the proficiency that got you your Nurse 3! 

    I recently received my proficiency back and was told I did not meet any of the criteria for Nurse 3.  

    I am in the process of writing my reconsideration since I would think that being a Co-Chair for a new OR department activation as a staff nurse would at least meet most of the performance standards. 

    My email address is Michele.hampton01@gmail.com

    or Michele.murphy-hampton@va.gov for email or Skype   

    Thank you for your assistance!


    1. lrp267


      would you mind sharing your proficiency or get me in the direction of how to write and what they are looking for?

      thanks Lori



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