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  1. Hello RNK4U,  

    I work in Quality Safety & Value,   a quality management consultant for Surgery,   I turned in my proficiency and the board said that I do not meet any criteria for Nurse III,  I did use what the problem was, what I did with interdisciplinary teams, along with data to support results and what was being done for sustainment.   I have another 25 days for reconsideration but I am at a loss.   Please email me to rosebudfam1@yahoo.com if you can, it would be appreciated.   I really find this process very cumbersome.   There is a site when you are on the VA computers for Office of Nursing Services (ONS) that will open it up to NPSB and there is a lot of good information there that I got some good examples of .   You can only see it at work so just search at work for this site when you are on the intranet.   Does any of the VA's out there really grant education waivers if you have the experience and BSN going for Nurse III,  they said they do but I can see anyone for the last 5 years at our hospital that does.  


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