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  1. tyhmar6

    Fluid and electrolyte help?

    Hello all, I'm a student and I need help with a patient scenario. Scenario: Pt diagnosed with pneumonia, had diarrhea for last 4 days(4lb weight loss), fever and chills, 150 ml out during last shift(doesn't say howlong shift was) lab results are: serum Na, 128 mEq/l serum K 4.1 mEq/L BUN 28 mg/ dl and blood glucose 326 mg/dl What is clients fluid balance? What nursing diagnosis apply What further data needs to be colected to confirm/alter diagnosis What nursing interventions may be indicated? My thoughts. I think the patient is dehydrated from diarrhea and that's also why sodium is low. Not for sure why BUN is increased. With the increased glucose I'm thinking along the lines of DKA leading to ketones in the urine which also would cause and electrolyte imbalance. Also it could be diabetes leading to kidney damage Any help would be appreciated, Thankyou
  2. tyhmar6

    Rejected: Davita PCT :(

    Many CNAs get hospital jobs without experience. Keep applying, if you land a LTC job, continue to apply and if it's Gods will..A door will open. Trust.
  3. tyhmar6

    New RN

  4. Usually not for PCT. At least, in columbus Ohio hospitals, you just need your BLS mostly everything is on the job training
  5. tyhmar6

    Possible termination for HIPAA violations

    After you have done all the above, pray and ask God to lay his hands upon the hearts of the panel that will make the final decision. God can do everything BUT fail. Be blessed.
  6. You sure can, I feel a lot like you do as I'm in nursing school as well. I'm finding that working in the hospital setting as a PCT is greatly boosting my confidence. Try not to focus on your weakness instead focus on your strengths. I have to keep reminding myself of the positives to push on through the day. Pray coming and going and God will make your day awesome! Be blessed.
  7. tyhmar6

    Doubting being an RN b/c physical problems

    I too, am going through something similar. After landing a hospital position while in nursing school, I'm. Finding the physical aspect of the job to be demanding. I suffered a dislocated ankle in a car accident in 2008 and I leave work daily in pain. However, there are so many options with nursing. I dnt know where your faith lies, but I believe God has a position designed just for me!
  8. tyhmar6

    one sided weakness

    What is the rationale for dressing the weak side first and undressing the strong side first?
  9. tyhmar6

    best path to take, and the realities

    I too have heard the same thing about getting your foot in a hospital door ASAP. There have been so many posters that state your chances are better landing a job after graduation if you have done so. It's not guaranteed but it has worked well for others. Also many say that it helps during Nursing school. If it's really your passion to be a nurse, step out on faith and let the chips fall where they may Stay encouraged,
  10. If you had the option to choose a "TECH" job between Ohiohealth and OSU which one do you think would have a better job outlook for a 2 year ADN nurse upon graduation? I would love to hear from graduate associate degree nurses and your experience with this job market here in Ohio. Thanks for taking time to respond.
  11. tyhmar6

    Never give up!

    Congrats!! Thanks for sharing your success with us. It's so easily forgotten to not give up when going through personal trials, and those of us who are in the midst, I'm sure, can appreciate the encouragement.
  12. tyhmar6

    New RN, not interested in bedside nursing

    Chemical dependency
  13. tyhmar6

    In nursing does it mean anything if you

    Just Part of the interviewing process in my experience. But for you, it could mean you landed the position! Keep your head up!
  14. tyhmar6

    Little more than 2 weeks till CSCC starts

    I still haven't received my nursing uniform yet! Were you sent an email informing you that the uniforms were ready, or are they at Discovery exchange waiting to be picked up?
  15. tyhmar6

    What is your splurge?

    Platos Closet!
  16. tyhmar6

    A Nurse who doesn't wash hands

    Ask questions sincerely, like, so after doing this procedure it's no important to wash my hands? She'll get the idea. (remember sincerely)