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  1. cityof_wonder

    Parent CPR Teaching

    in our facility we have the outside home care nurse agency come to teach parents, and they are always reminded and encouraged to take an actual certification class through whoever they want as long as its from the AHA
  2. cityof_wonder

    Loyola Chicago RN to BSN vs Capella

    I am planning on going back to school for my BSN. I have done a lot of research and have pretty much come down to 2. Loyola University of Chicago offers an online RN to BSN program. Have any of you enrolled in it. It is very expensive but it is a very highly ranked school BUT I have not heard from anyone who has been in the program and what they think about it. Capella's program is also very appealing. Definitely cheaper and the support for just applying has been fantastic. The fact that CCNE certified also makes me happy. In your experience has the place where you obtained your BSN mattered a lot to recruiters? Right now I work at community hospital but I hope to move on to a teaching hospital and I am wondering whether I will be overlooked for receiving a BSN from a primarily online university?
  3. cityof_wonder

    Loyola RN to BSN

    Hi, did you start Loyola's program. I as well have a couple options I am looking at and I really like Loyola for their reputation but I don't know anyone who has gone through the program.. and I would like to know what its like.
  4. cityof_wonder

    Anyone here apply for Fall 2010 ADN program at Harper College

    For us, we had CNA skil testing before school even began, at the Orientation meeting they had a sign up sheet. They encourage you to get into the lab and practice right away. Good luck, if you're motivated and put in the time, you'll do great.
  5. cityof_wonder

    Anyone here apply for Fall 2010 ADN program at Harper College

    ahhhhhhhhh about to finish the 1st semester too.. it's been a long one! Everything itsa307 said is what I would recommend too, TIME MANAGEMENT is a big deal, organize your time and make sure you leave plenty of time to study. In my opinion compared to Nur 180, Nur 110 and 111 are a piece of cake. If you had a hard time in anatomy and physiology than make sure you allow yourself enough time to study and then study some more for patho. Although I do know a few girls who find patho easy but have a hard time in nur 110 and 111. For nur 110 and 111, make sure you read the book, it's a must. Where are you doing your clinicals? If you're doing clinicals on thursday evenings @ Alexian Brothers, Ann Rojas is the instructor and she is a awesome. Any more questions just ask :)
  6. cityof_wonder

    Fed up with Stupid Parents

    Yes, the parents often make the taking care of the child harder. I work over night at a pediatric unit in a hospital and I cannot even count how many parents have requested for the nurses not to go into the room at night so they can sleep.... doesnt matter that their child is running at high temp, needs breathing treatments, antibiotics, just had surgery etc., making sure they can sleep is their 1st priority.
  7. cityof_wonder

    Anyone here apply for Fall 2010 ADN program at Harper College

    Im going to the tuesday pm as well! I bought the book, Ive started reading it and it's actually pretty good.
  8. cityof_wonder

    Second nightshift completed

    With all do respect I think you're being a bit dramatic.... you have only worked 2 night shifts!!! 2!!!! you cannot expect your body to get used to it without giving it a chance. I took me at least a month to get used to it, now (6 months later) I sleep till 2 or 3 and feel rested. Why do u feel like your family is suffering? The way I see it in my situation if I wasnt sleeping during the day I would be at work so I still wouldnt see my child. Give it a chance if you're going in with a negative attitude you will never allow yourself the chance to make the most of it.
  9. cityof_wonder

    Anyone here apply for Fall 2010 ADN program at Harper College

    if you emailed me the syllabus it would b amazing!!! ill pm u my email, thanx a lot !!:redbeathe:redbeathe
  10. cityof_wonder

    Anyone here apply for Fall 2010 ADN program at Harper College

    well I think im going to be in class with you both :) we better enjoy our summer come fall its gonna be busy.. cant wait to start nursing school :)
  11. cityof_wonder

    Anyone here apply for Fall 2010 ADN program at Harper College

    I registered monday too. I also got into the tuesday morning class and the wed morning clinical at SAMC, with lab tuesdays. Also registered for patho monday mornings. I was hoping to take patho over the summer but I couldn't do it with my schedule. So I'm taking the summer off :) I took psy228 last summer dr campbell is great, I don't know why she gets a bad rap from other students.
  12. cityof_wonder

    Microbiology: Spring 2010

    I'm also taking Micro this semester. Text -Microbiology Principles and Explorations by Jacquelyn Black. Good luck guys thank u for the resources!!