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need advice!

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I was recently accepted into a nursing program (yay!) but now I have a dilemma. I am working at a nearby hospital, I have been here for 2 and a half months now working as a PCT, I work part-time over nights... im not sure how working overnights is gonna fit into my nursing school schedule, and quitting is not an option for me. One of the evenings PCT is leaving end of june, early july so I was wondering weather it would be a good idea to talk to my supervisor and see if I can transfer to evenings, Im a bit afraid because I have only been working here 2 and a half months, and althought everyone here is pretty flexible I am afraid theyre going to think I am taking advantage of them. I like overnights but I just dont know if it would be a good idea to continue in overnights when my schooling would be done on days... im not sure what to do...

oh and also when I was doing my interview with the DON, I told her I was planning on applying for the nursing program to start fall 2010, and she said oh 8 months that gives me some time... not sure what she meant


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ABSOLUTELY-ask to be transferred to evenings. It is much better for the floor to put you on evenings rather than hire a new PCT for the position...there is nothing wrong with asking for transfer. The other option, which may not be feasible, is-can you work 12 hour shifts? and then work friday and saturday nights from 7p-7a? It would be hard, but I have worked with several techs who did this while in school full time.

Remember, it is only temporary-school will fly by and you will be working as a nurse before you know it.

In nursing school, I worked three days a week as a Dental Hygienist, carried 19 credit hours was newly divorced and the single mother of a 7 year old. It was brutal, but I look back on this and laugh.

You do what you have to do-for as long as you have to do it!

Good Luck!

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I would ask for a transfer, they should be understanding, your manager was once in nursing school.

When she said that gives her 8 months when you mentioned that you were applying to nursing school, I think that she meant that she had an employee for 8 months. When I was hired where I am working now I told them that I was applying to nursing school, when I got into nursing school I went from full time to PRN, as did 3 other CNAs. My manager was a little frustated to say the least, she lost 4 full time CNAs to nursing school and she had to hire more, but they have worked with me and my school schedule.

I worked full time night shift while I went to nursing school during the day and had no problems. Be careful when switching to PMs. I did a clinical placement during the PM shift and many times my school schedule interfered with what are normally considered PM shift hours. Night shift was more accommodating to nursing school hours.


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