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  1. Twingemeni1

    CSUEB fall 2016

    Hello Ladies/Gents, Haven't used this site in a while, thought I'd check it out, and happy to have found this thread. I am In the Fall 2016 cohort for the Concord campus. Ready to start this new journey! If there are any groups created for the Concord Campus, please share. I'm happy to meet you all and share this experience with you. Thanks!
  2. Twingemeni1

    Roll Call for Gurnick Academy Concord Campus LVN January 2011

    Hey Christine2009, I wish I already had the books! I asked Ann if I could get my books early so I could study ahead of time also but she said she has not ordered them because she is waiting to see how many people enroll. Can you tell me what the book list is? TTFN
  3. Twingemeni1

    Roll Call for Gurnick Academy Concord Campus LVN January 2011

    Hi Christine2009, I will be attending the evening class Jan-2011.
  4. thanks k_renee13, i will start classes october 2010
  5. Hello to all, I have a meeting @ WCC(Antioch) tomorrow to discuss the LVN Program, & I wanted feedback from past or recent graduates at the Antioch campus. I know when I go tomorrow that they will make the program look great & hide the negatives. If there is anyone better to get info from I think it would be the students. I recently graduated from a cna/hha program & would need to work as a cna while attending the program. I also have a 15mth old baby that requires my attention, is this the program for me? I also called the San Jose campus just to compare the info & SJ told me I would have to work grave yard, while Antioch said I would not be able to work & do the program. I would like to know: Would you recommend the program? Is it true that you could take some courses at JC to possibly lower tuition? How are the teachers? Did you find time to keep a job & attend the program? What are the pros & cons? What is the schedule like? Can I take the LVN-RN at JC, do the credits transfer to JC/4yr? Is the program worth the investment time/money? Where you able to find a job? How do places feel about wcc lvn graduates? Is it hard to get a job because your a wcc graduate? Sorry, so many questions. Thanks to all & congrats to the graduates!!
  6. Twingemeni1

    Anyone attended Western Career College?

    Hi Alyxandria, I am considering the LVN program at western in Antioch & I asked Laurie if I took the classes that you mentioned would tuition be cheaper, she said no because those classes are only prereqs for the RN program. Can you confirm? Sometimes I feel like those people refuse to tell you how you can save money, they would rather you pay the full amount! Thanks, & I would relly appreciate your help.
  7. Twingemeni1

    Nursing Assistant (CNA) Hiring Process @ John Muir Hospital

    Hello Bluechick112, Im currently enrolled in a cna/hha program & I'm working on becoming a nurse just like you. Assuming you got the job I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. What was the cna test like? Starting wages? What is it like working for jm? Hiring Process? Thanks you