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  1. kvdlr

    am I retarded? Lol.

    I know. I was being sarcastic lol.
  2. kvdlr

    am I retarded? Lol.

    I could totally see that basing it from the way you write. You just made me laugh Lol!
  3. kvdlr

    am I retarded? Lol.

    FYI, I didn't mean to offend anyone or be tactless. I was just venting. I had a confused feeling 'cause I wasn't sure if, what I was feeling was right/normal. Also, I don't know how savvy you all are with the use of internet, but "LOL" is commonly used as a slang to end/period a sentence.
  4. kvdlr

    am I retarded? Lol.

    Well, not really nursing related but I guess I'm just thinking out loud. We have a severe thunderstorm right now here in NYC with 50-70mph winds. I am FREAKING OUT just because of the recent incident -tornado with macroburst a few days ago here in Queens. Where I live at, is one of the three hardest hits in Queens -Flushing/Bayside. I was reviewing for my NCLEX that very moment it happened, and the moment I looked at the window ('cause I saw a twitter update that says "Tornado watch in Queens?") I saw the tornado/high mph winds circling like crazy passing by with lightning -it was absurd! I was like "**** IS THIS THE END?!" Lol. I immediately grabbed my sister, brother, and dog and went to the basement without thinking about grabbing anything else, since we were the only ones were at the house at that time. I called both my parents and see how they were, and told them what just happened where we at 'cause both were at Manhattan. I told them immediately not to go back home as of yet, and go some place else where it's safe and notified them that we all are safe down in the basement. This is not the first time I got scared. I had a similar incident in Florida during a family vacation. We were traveling by car from Fort Lauderdale to Miami when a passing storm suddenly came. The lightning/thunderstorms were ridiculous, and we had to drive for about 5-10mph of speed due to the winds we were encountering. Though for me its really scary, its nothing compared to what I saw from the tornado. I feel kinda retarded 'cause I feel like I'm so vigilant after lol. Funny thing is, I was literally reviewing and so focused on the material I didn't even realize the sudden change of weather. Also, I used to love having winds, esp during summer 'cause I hate the heat, and I wasn't scared of it at all before. But now, everything changed. A lil bit of high speed wind scares the crap out of me Lol. I have feeling Imma turn out to be a weather freak constantly checking it if we're having a bad weather.
  5. Due to liability issues, and I don't think I'll be able to study with my upcoming boards. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. I need A LOT of thinking to do.
  6. Hi all! I just needed to vent. It is sort of related to nursing, but it is actually more than that. I feel so alone and has no place in earth. I recently just graduated last May, and I haven't taken my NCLEX yet. I am scheduled this October, so I am hoping to get my license. I failed my final exam during last semester, thankfully my GPA is high enough to let me pass the class and graduate. The reason I almost failed is because, a week or two before the finals I found out that my boyfriend for 8 years is cheating on me, got someone pregnant and he ended up marrying her. He was forced into marriage because it's a cultural thing I guess? Anyway, I was at lost and ended up not taking my NCLEX right away and also because my ATT came around August. I am 23, turning 24 this November and I still live with my family. I should be on my own by now, but the situation is complexed. Trust me, I wanna get out of here as bad as they want me out. Aside from the fact that the economy is tough right now, I can't really work anywhere I want to. I came here in the United States when I was 15, and was under my parent's visa program. When they filed for the green card petition, I just turned 21 a few days so I ended up filing a student visa for myself. Knowing that I wasn't included in the green card petition, I was so devastated and even 'till now it's killing me everyday. I am on my OPT right now (work permit for a year, but only for nursing related profession and need to find anything related within 3 months, and if not I'll have to volunteer) and really cant find a job, and my parents are pressuring me real bad as if they're the only ones who has a working brain. I know it is impossible for me to find a nursing job, given the economy and my situation so I am so damn scared what's gonna happen to me by next year. I don't wanna work as a nursing aide, just because I don't wanna jeopardize myself and my patients because given the degree (and license soon), I'll be damned if I do and I don't working as an aide while having a nursing degree (and license hopefully). They don't understand that part, they just want me to have a job and start there and work my way up. I feel like I'll be selling my soul to the devil if I do because I know the risks, pros & cons of the situation. Additionally, I have no means of intentionally over staying in the US and end up becoming undocumented. As much as possible, if given a chance, I really wanna stay because I am acculturated already and I love this country. If I have to go back, I'll be re-adjusting myself because I don't see myself 100% fit to that culture anymore, and also I really have nothing to go back there. I hate my mom for dragging me into this mess and then leaving me on my own. Also, I have no idea whether I am eligible for the CSPA (Child Protection Act Immigration Law) to appeal and be included in the green card petition because I was told that I am not included but when they filed for the petition my name was in the list. So, I asked my mom to schedule an appointment with an attorney so we have a definite answer regarding my situation, and she doesn't want to because of the legal consultation fees. I hated her more after that, because I feel like she doesn't care about me. So, am I depress? Yes, very much. It's been going on for years and it seems there no end to it. I cry almost everyday, sometimes spontaneously. I feel so alone and the only one person I trusted and ever felt I had "home" is already gone and left me. Anyway, sorry everyone if I posted this on the wrong forum and maybe if I shouldn't have at all. I just needed to get it out from my chest and vent somehow. I know non-nursing individuals wouldn't be able to understand, especially the nursing part because they only see the green stuff that comes along with it. That's all and have a goodnight everyone!
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  8. kvdlr

    Nursing school sucks!

    I been through the same hell, and guess what? I made it! Just focus on what's need to be done, time management, and make sure you do your part. As for the professors, every professor is different and unique. Plus, you really don't wanna get into their mean-side. Just deal with whatever crap there is for you to succeed. It will be all worth it in the end!
  9. kvdlr

    language requirement

    I mean no offense to any particular individual, race, group, or ethnicity. I was just curious how the rest of you feel regarding the language requirement when applying for jobs (i.e. Spanish/English, Chinese/English, etc. is required or must). Isn't this some sort of discrimination in a way? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I know not all can speak or are comfortable speaking in English, but aren't they suppose to adapt instead of us feeling the need to learn another language. I am bilingual myself, and I honestly feel very uncomfortable speaking in English when I know that I am speaking to someone who share the language as mine -it's a cultural thing. I think the job requirement should be English is a must since this is the majority language of the nation, and Spanish/Chinese/etc. are a plus but NOT a requirement when applying for jobs. Anyway, just a thought I wanna share and would like to hear opinions from others as well. Thanks! P.S. I mean no offense to ANYONE, or try to stir up an issue.
  10. kvdlr

    i finally made it!!!

  11. kvdlr

    volunteer program

    Thank you!!! I'll look into it. :)
  12. kvdlr

    volunteer program

    Oh. I understand. Which hospital is it if you don't mind? Thanks!!
  13. kvdlr

    volunteer program

    I'll call the one in forest hill for more info -not sure tho if they have psych there. Anyway, thank you so much!
  14. kvdlr

    so I blush really bad...

    I used to take 0.5mg of Xanax too and it didn't work for me lol. Thanks for the tip! I hope we all be blush-free as well :)
  15. kvdlr

    so I blush really bad...

    I have the same problem, and honestly don't know what to do it. I get red when I'm anxious, uncomfortable, change in room temp all of a sudden, exercise, and etc. Sometimes its a series of patchwork, not just my face and neck. It's so embarassing!