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  1. pyt86

    Having 2nd thoughts I think....

    Thanks alot rzyzzy as jala said your post was very uplifting and I appreciate it. I'm sure there may be more days like this but yes I do plan to keep going. I just tend to think way too much and over analyze things. I'm sure that may be part of it. But I went to clinicals today and it may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but I think I got a sign that I need to keep going. I went into a pts rm and they had a pottery piece that had a poem on it titled "Don't Quit". I read it and it was like it was made exactly for me. Coincidence maybe but I kinda prayed about it and asked for direction and guidance and I feel like that was his answer to me. I know it may be hard at times but I'm not going to give up especially being half way done.
  2. pyt86

    Francis Tuttle or Metro Tech lpn program??

    It's a pretty good program. I'd recommend it. Of course no program is perfect, but the teachers are good. There are a lot of study materials and everyone is helpful. It's a lot to do though as far as studying but that's to be expected. I wish I didn't have to work the part time hours that I do, and I also have a 3 year old too. So how was the info. session? What do you think you will end up doing?
  3. I'm currently in an LPN program and we just started Med Surg. Im just not sure if I can do it...It's not the material or tests. I think it may just be not enough confidence in clinicals. I don't want to run away from it because of fear but I can't determine if its just I'm scared to mess up or if I just really don't want to do this. I'm scared either way. I'm holding back tears now as I'm just really stressed as to what would be the right decision for me. We did basic clinicals already which is basically just cna work. I also worked as a cna before and hated it. My problem is that I have a son who is 3 and my grandparents and mom have been extremely helpful with him while I've been in school. I also work part time. They have stated over and over that they are there and will do whatever they have to to get me through school. So I feel like if I did back out I would be letting them down and will feel very very bad after everything they have done to help with my son. Also if I do get out I don't know what I would do (as far as career wise), I do have some ideas but then that would take even longer. I also feel bad because I feel like I would be letting my son down. I want to just have a career and be able to solely provide for my son and I. I don't know if part of it is that I'm just tired of school or if I'm just so scared and not confident that I'm turning it into me not liking it so I can back out. Has anyone else felt this way? I don't know if possibly work is adding more stress as I work 5-9 mon, tues, thurs, fri. And school is full time mon-wed 8-2, clinicals thurs and fri from 645-2. Then in March and until we graduate in June clinicals will be wed-fri I feel like I would be able to study and focus more if I did quit but I have things I need to pay for and don't like to rely on people more than I need to. I know nobody can tell me whats best and ultimately I will have to figure it out but it's nice to vent instead of working it over and over in my mind.
  4. pyt86

    Francis Tuttle or Metro Tech lpn program??

    I am actually in the LPN program at Metro Tech. Started in aug. I was accepted to both which is why I was asking, but ended up choosing Metro Tech. Thanks for the info and good luck on the info. session and getting in.
  5. Just wanting input on what each program is like and the differences if any? I know I've heard a few things here and there but kinda wanted to know from previous students or anyone really what their experience was with each.
  6. pyt86

    Anxious Anxious Anxious!!!

    You're Welcome. Sorry about your parents. But yep all you need is a good routine. I've read some of the stories on here and heard some things, no matter how hard it gets we have to keep at it. I know there's gonna be days I may wanna quit or cry or be frustrated but will have to push through. Find a good study buddy, I plan to. My mom had a study group and she made flash cards like there was no tomorrow. Maybe we can keep each other updated, I'm sure we'll both be on here with questions or stories to tell.
  7. pyt86

    Anxious Anxious Anxious!!!

    Hey, I'm starting a LPN program on monday so I feel the same way. Nervous, excited, anxious and scared all in one big ball. I know exactly how you feel. I think it's normal and I think you will do fine. Just have to pay attention, ask questions and study and learn to manage your time. I have a 3 year old son and I am kind of on my own, his dad is there but it's complicated....lol So yep I fit in the single mom category. Do you have family to help you with your child? My family is very supportive and want me to make it so they are all willing to help. I'm scared to fail too but it's all in your hands you get back whatever you put into it. You can't fail especially if you study and try hard. Congrats and Good luck. My mom is an lpn and she did it and she had me and my sister plus she worked. It was hard for her but it's possible. You Can Do It!!!
  8. pyt86

    Trouble with nursing school

    Hi. So what nursing school are you attending? I worked with a woman that went to Metro Tech's LPN program and she said there was a little drama there but I don't know if she went during the day or evening. I think that makes a difference too. I will be going there for the LPN program in about 2 weeks and since I heard what she said I've been a little anxious. But she did tell me if you get in to go because its hard enough getting accepted with so many people applying.
  9. Most If not all nursing homes are soonercare. And it does have to be a nursing home. I worked at a hospital that accepted soonercare and asked if that would count towards my year commitment. They said no it has to be a nursing home. You could always pay for your cna class and would have no obligation after. As for the pay it varies, I think some nursing homes have shift differentials but base pay can be from 9-12 or so. Before you do become a cna you might want to look at some of the questions on here and different peoples stories and experiences. I wouldn't just do it for extra money as it is a lot of hard work. The only reason I did it was to get more points on my nursing application. Congrats on your wedding.
  10. pyt86

    Needs CNA Experience

    I'm not sure specifically but I think almost any nursing home will hire you. There is a high turnover rate for cnas in a lot of places. I got a job at a hospital and I didn't have any experience. Just apply everywhere or at least the places you would like to work and I am sure you will get a call back way sooner than you think. Good Luck. Try looking on jobsok.com or just go to the individual hospital websites and apply. Good Luck! Just thought of one, there is a new nursing home Tuscany Village, it's behind the village police station. They are hiring. 2333 Tuscany Drive, Oklahoma City - (405) 286-0835
  11. Sorry I took so long to respond...but I really had fun in the class, good instructor, she was a lot of fun and pretty laidback. I took the part time evening class. She was very helpful and about half of what you learn is sort of common sense stuff, but still learned a lot. I actually haven't worked in an LTC since, I worked in a hospital prn/part time. When you take the class you will go to a LTC nursing home for your clinicals for a couple days. CNA work is just not for everyone and I think especially LTC. I talked to one girl that said she took a cna class and the first day she went to clinicals she decided she couldn't do it, but she also found out she was pregnant around that same time too. You just have to find that out for yourself though, and there are different places you could work that provide a different experience, but the basics will still be the same. I actually just got a job at a nursing home that is brand new so I may work there part time, to satisfy my requirements. If you don't work at a LTC within the 2 years I think you just have to pay it back.
  12. I got my cna license through OSU-OKC and we wondered the same thing. There is no set amount of hours is what I was told, as long as you work at a sooner care ltc facility for one year, doesn't have to be continuous or at the same one. There was never any terms as far as amount of hours worked on any paperwork I had. Wish you luck with whatever decision you make.
  13. pyt86

    CNA salaries in Oklahoma

    I think it varies slightly with where you go as far as nursing homes, hospitals. But I would say 9.00, but also there are shift diffs. for nights at most places, which would make it higher. If you were to get your hha I think the start rate is a little higher also, maybe 10 or 11. They actually start you out depending on how much experience you have, the more experience the more you get paid.
  14. I have browsed a couple threads and have noticed more than a few people advising to stay away from mcrh or that they would never work there. But no one seems to really say why. I am supposed to be starting there soon as a tech/cna, so would like some more information. I just have not seen anything positive about that hospital, so maybe I missed something but please give me some detailed responses as to whats really going on up there? Thanks.