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  1. luvmyhorses

    Wheres everyone at?

    HI, this is really cool, so many people I've talked to on other boards know very little about Oklahoma. I simply love it here. I live in northeastern OK and I love it here. Believe it or not I have waisted a whole year "thinking" about going to nursing school. So now I finally have all my paperwork sent in and am just waiting for the "official" reply from school. It's gonna be a real challenge, I have had no schooling other than high school and I graduated in 1982!!! But, it will all work out. My husband and I raise quarter horses, break horses for other people and introduce horses to general ranch work. So even though I am busy here, I will have time to go to school. I can't wait. Speaking of horses, it is chore time...I can't wait to chat back and forth with you. Have a great Sunday evening......Mary
  2. luvmyhorses

    Wheres everyone at?

    Hi, my name is Mary, a long time Okie, and a 40year mother of 2 applying to nursing school. I was SO excited to find this board. I thought wow, finally I can chat with people who live around me and maybe can be of some help and form some friendships. Also hoping I could find someone in my area that's been in my shoes, out of school for 20 years, applying to now go to nursing school. So, please tell me there are more nurses in OK than this. Just wondered where everyone was at.