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    How to motivate my wife to pursue her nursing dream?

    Can anyone out there give me and my fellow co-workers any advice on mileage logs for home health nursing? we all keep records according to what our bosses whim is at the time and it seems as if sometimes if a grudge is against anyone of us at the time then that nurse is called in the office and given a lecture on her mileage log. We get lectured on no overtime to too many miles traveled. How can we win if we are given 5-7 patients a day and must travel 100-180 miles per day and get all the care done let alone the paper work completed and turned in on time. Yes I feel we are over worked and under paid, but how can we ever over come bad bosses? Does anyone out there have any suggestions on the correct methods of mileage logs? Please email me with your suggestions. rahab33@mountain.net Thank-You for letting me sound off.