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Mr Midwife has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Maternity.

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  1. Mr Midwife

    Show me your stethoscope and an opinion plz

    I recently bought an Ultrascope with switchable heads between Adult and Neonatal. I'm an advanced nurse assesment practitioner as well as midwife and found them really good for doing heart and lung sounds on adults and picked up some very faint mumer...
  2. Mr Midwife

    L&D RN's opinions on doulas?

    All this means is that she is a business person. If you look at the standard criteria for the defination of a professional it needs both a form of regulation (such as medical or nursing boards) which ensure a standardised knowledge of a "unique body ...
  3. Mr Midwife

    Vaginal Exams

    I always tell my students that at the end of the day what you find on VE is between you and God. I've had reasons for fluffing the numbers in the past but its something you can only do when you have greater experience in Obstetrics and understand the...
  4. Mr Midwife

    Hit in the groin during clinicals

    I remember years ago I was doing a delivery with the woman in lithotomy and her foot slipped out and caught me full on in the knackers. The husband had already fainted and was sitting in the corner and I dropped like a sack of potatoes and had to fin...
  5. Well given that I can't have children but have had a very sucessful career in Maternity I'm firmly in the no camp. Also I think that being personally removed from the experience of child birth can make you more objective and more willing to listen t...
  6. Mr Midwife

    postpartum heamorrage

    There was a very good article published in Nursing for Women's Health (Volume 18, Issue 5, pages 378–390, October/November 2014) which is available through Medscape. It talks about obstetric emergencies in general but has a good section on PPH. Its...
  7. Mr Midwife

    Summer 2014 Article Contest: You Pick 4 Winners

    Wow, really honoured to be in this, thanks for the nomination.
  8. Mr Midwife

    Fetal Monitor Risks

    I think you have seen the term 'risk' used in an incorrect manner. EFM in itself has no effect on the fetus, no more than any other USS device and I've never come across anything which would suggest otherwise. It is the skill of the person that is in...
  9. Mr Midwife

    Florence Nightingale Birthday: World's Most Famous Nurse

    I'm so glad someone got this in before I did. Much of Ms Seacoles work in the war was overshadowed and its such a shame that even today there is controversy surrounding her work and actions.
  10. Mr Midwife

    Theme song to your Nursing career?

    Feuer Frei from Rammstein's Mutter album - only becasue I have a recurring fantasy of having a no holds barred fight on my ward and using the equipment (Medical, Computers, desks and chairs) and smashing the place up at the same time
  11. Reading through the comments I'm glad I didn't call this "why you can't be a nurse" only why you shouldn't want to be a nurse. I certianly don't want to play the sanctimonious "you must be called to this job" ideal (I'm saving that for my "Why you ca...
  12. Mr Midwife

    How do i make a change from RMN to qualified Midwife

    I'm afraid the answer is actually no. To qualify for the 18 month shortened course one of the pre-requisites is that you hold the RN or RNA qualification on the NMC register, the common foundation aspect isn't enough so would have to undertake the 3 ...
  13. Thanks for the comments and the likes guys. This was written during a lul on a night shift on postnatal ward but hopefully I got the jist of my idea across. I'm hoping that I'll continue to write some more articles but I think when I've had a bit mor...
  14. Mr Midwife

    The best excuses for positive drug screens

    Yup, I've been sold this one too. Is quite a nifty website regarding this but form what I do remember is that about 90% of the active opoid is removed in conventiona...
  15. Mr Midwife

    Will it be difficult to get hired in L&D as a male?

    I was actually looking at moving to NYC from the UK a year or so back and did some research into the stand alone birth centres there. I think you would definately need your midwifery accreditation, L&D nursing won't cut it. I did some emailing wi...