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Mr Midwife has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Maternity.

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  1. Mr Midwife

    C/s incision dressing removal

    Over in UK our practice has moved towards keeping the dressing on for at last 48hrs, normally with a silver alginate ribbon directly over the wound. Anyone can remove them once that time is up, most mothers soak them off in the shower as we are also doing rapid discharges so often they will be at home at 48hrs.
  2. Mr Midwife

    Vaginal Exams

    I always tell my students that at the end of the day what you find on VE is between you and God. I've had reasons for fluffing the numbers in the past but its something you can only do when you have greater experience in Obstetrics and understand the implications of people acting on the information you give them.
  3. Mr Midwife

    Mens nursing shoes?

    In the good old UK NHS we're still tied into archaic uniform policies so I've been told I no longer can wear my Adeba theater shoes as they are white with blue lining because the policy says they must be all black. Never mind the surgeons can wear what ever they want, never mind they are sully compliant with infection control stipulations. Since the were falling apart anyway Ive now bought a great pair of Magnum shoes which are specifically designed for nurses and they are doing a bang up job so far. I've also handed in my notice to go work in a midwifery led birth centre where I can wear what I like but the shoes are coming with me!!
  4. Mr Midwife

    Do you mix your own pit?

    In the UK every unit I've worked in we mix our own Oxytocin. For Labour and Induction we use 40 units made up in the units volume of choice and then titrated to the contractions.
  5. Mr Midwife

    Summer 2014 Article Contest: You Pick 4 Winners

    Wow, really honoured to be in this, thanks for the nomination.
  6. Mr Midwife

    Did anyone judge you for being a male nurse?

    In my first nuring placement I was asked my I wanted to become a Male Nurse, I said it was far too muhc trouble to become a female nurse. I use the same answer when people ask me why I wanted to become a male midwife instead of just saying midwife.
  7. Mr Midwife

    Hey is anyones life as a nurse like greys amatomy?

    I'm pretty sure I've made a similar comment on some previous thread - great minds and all that.
  8. Mr Midwife

    Male Nurse Hair Styles

    Krzysztof - I'm losing that battle and have started just using a grade 1 trimmer all over every few weeks to get used to the ide of becoming fully bald in next few years! I ahve been asked at work to keep my goatee biker beard in check but only by one manager who has far too much time on her hands and even complained when I work a 'colourful' scub cap one day.
  9. Mr Midwife

    Are men not as neat as women nurses?

    At home I'm definately not. I remember one of my tutors saying that it had been commented that I wasn't very tidy when doing my dressings with the old wrappers but I was better at the actual dressing than the female students. I always try to clean my own labour room after I'm done so I know it been done properly as always finding a few old blood spots on beds or equipment if its been done by our domestics. I was trained by an old dragon nurse who's in my first year training had me in 2 Sundays out of each month just to clean the ward and equipment so have had that drilled into me quite firmly!
  10. Mr Midwife

    Nursing shoes

    I got a new pair of theater shoes from Abeba but they're not great, the sizing was off so even I ordered size 45 they still pinch. They're not very comfortable so have had to put in my own insoles which have ofset it a bit. We're really poorly accomodated for scrubs shoes etc that we can buy ourselves over here in UK.
  11. Mr Midwife

    Did you ever use being male as a part of your being hired?

    I remember when I was accepted to start my conversion traning to midwifery some of the midwives said I only got the place as I was a bloke and they a) couldn't be seen to discriminate against a male candidate and b) the interviewing manager had a known soft spot for male midwives. I didn't consciencously use my gender but if it helps oh well, I do use flirting with Docs, other Mw's and people to try get things done for me earlier, which works about half the time!
  12. Mr Midwife

    A little anxiety applying for Nursing school as an older male

    Just want to say go for it! You have so much life and skills experience to bring to the job they will snap you up in a heartbeat. When I interviewed university candidates I personally put more emphasis on life skills and what they can bring to the profession already. The whole people don't want a male is out of date and irrelevant, we now work in every discipline and are accepted by the vast majority of our clients.
  13. I good few years back when I was working in dialysis a Filipino nurse under went gender reallignment to female and was fully accepted by the unit. I don't know if it was the fact that in diaysis you end up being quite a close team and since you get to know the patients very well as you see them 2-3 times a week for years all her named patients were really supportive. I think the only negative comments were the fact some of the female members of staff were a bit jealous she had much nicer tits than them .
  14. Mr Midwife

    Are people shocked you're still a bloke outside of work?

    I used to do competative judo back in university and my ex's partner Andy (she was a policewoman) was my training partner. Her police friends alwasy had a go at me for being a nurse but one year Andy entered and won the police judo competition easily so we'd all gone to support and he wanted to have a few more rounds so I changed and we threw each other around the mat for a while. All the copper friends who had teased me were really shocked to see that I was a judo player and quite a good one so I know what the OP means. At work its not too bad as there are a few other male midwives at my unit so we all hang out etc so the girls are used to seeing us as guys (espec when they 'accidently' walked in on me in the shower!)
  15. Mr Midwife

    Specializing as a new nurse??

    Ditto the above, I regret not taking a neonatal placement because a universitiy mentor said I should consolidate my adult learning for a few years before going into NNU or L&D, this was the worst piece of advice I have ever followed!!
  16. Mr Midwife

    Advice for L&D? - Male student.

    I did a few days on the L&D as part of my student nurse first year. KNew it was what I wanted so in my final year I worked in gyaecology for my elective and then went on to train as a midwife few years later. My advice is if you think you're going to enjoy it go for it, there will always be people who refuse your care and staff who will question why you are doing it (sorry but harsh reality) but just keep plugging and remember why you are doing it.