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Mr Midwife has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Maternity.

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  1. Mr Midwife

    Show me your stethoscope and an opinion plz

    I recently bought an Ultrascope with switchable heads between Adult and Neonatal. I'm an advanced nurse assesment practitioner as well as midwife and found them really good for doing heart and lung sounds on adults and picked up some very faint mumer...
  2. Mr Midwife

    L&D RN's opinions on doulas?

    All this means is that she is a business person. If you look at the standard criteria for the defination of a professional it needs both a form of regulation (such as medical or nursing boards) which ensure a standardised knowledge of a "unique body ...
  3. Mr Midwife

    C/s incision dressing removal

    Over in UK our practice has moved towards keeping the dressing on for at last 48hrs, normally with a silver alginate ribbon directly over the wound. Anyone can remove them once that time is up, most mothers soak them off in the shower as we are also ...
  4. Mr Midwife

    Vaginal Exams

    I always tell my students that at the end of the day what you find on VE is between you and God. I've had reasons for fluffing the numbers in the past but its something you can only do when you have greater experience in Obstetrics and understand the...
  5. Mr Midwife

    Mens nursing shoes?

    In the good old UK NHS we're still tied into archaic uniform policies so I've been told I no longer can wear my Adeba theater shoes as they are white with blue lining because the policy says they must be all black. Never mind the surgeons can wear wh...
  6. Mr Midwife

    Does your inpatient OB unit have a nurse educator?

    Pretty much reflected my job description when I was Practice Facilitator, now I'm less involved with the updates and continuing education and more focused on the newly qualified staff and helping them through their preceptorship period.
  7. Mr Midwife

    Curious about formula marketing practices in your hospital

    In in a London (UK) NHS hospial who are trying for the BFHI certification. Each year we have to do the same updates etc. In practice breastfeeding support is very variable, some of my colleagues are fantastic and just have the knack, others like myse...
  8. Mr Midwife

    Specialty Poll for male nurses

    Been in Midwifery (Low risk Obstetrics) for 4 years but had a few sub-speciality posts, education lead, infection liason etc. Before had that 2 years of renal nursing.
  9. Mr Midwife

    Hit in the groin during clinicals

    I remember years ago I was doing a delivery with the woman in lithotomy and her foot slipped out and caught me full on in the knackers. The husband had already fainted and was sitting in the corner and I dropped like a sack of potatoes and had to fin...
  10. Well given that I can't have children but have had a very sucessful career in Maternity I'm firmly in the no camp. Also I think that being personally removed from the experience of child birth can make you more objective and more willing to listen t...
  11. Mr Midwife

    postpartum heamorrage

    There was a very good article published in Nursing for Women's Health (Volume 18, Issue 5, pages 378–390, October/November 2014) which is available through Medscape. It talks about obstetric emergencies in general but has a good section on PPH. Its...
  12. Mr Midwife

    Do you mix your own pit?

    In the UK every unit I've worked in we mix our own Oxytocin. For Labour and Induction we use 40 units made up in the units volume of choice and then titrated to the contractions.
  13. Mr Midwife

    Summer 2014 Article Contest: You Pick 4 Winners

    Wow, really honoured to be in this, thanks for the nomination.
  14. Mr Midwife

    Fetal Monitor Risks

    I think you have seen the term 'risk' used in an incorrect manner. EFM in itself has no effect on the fetus, no more than any other USS device and I've never come across anything which would suggest otherwise. It is the skill of the person that is in...
  15. Mr Midwife

    Florence Nightingale's Birthday: World's Most Famous Nurse

    I'm so glad someone got this in before I did. Much of Ms Seacoles work in the war was overshadowed and its such a shame that even today there is controversy surrounding her work and actions.