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  1. Ria-NJ

    In poor job market, a rush to nursing

    Unfortunatly for those of us struggling to get our RN while parenting, working etc. I have spent the last 1 1/2 years looking for any medical job to get my feet wet. Not a single local hospital will hire me. I have tons of customer service, sec'y, etc experience looked into transport, clerk etc. but not response. Maybe the schools shoudl require clinicals befoer taking A&P, Chem and BIO so those that think its for them can get a real taste rather than looking at who will pass the exams. My RN friends tell me that hospitals will train from within... for Telementry, etc... yet the hospitals are posting jobs on the net and not calling. I did get called for the job at the child care center per deim and I wasn;t allowed to post out for one year but could take another per diem os much for that.. single parenthood, school and additional per deim jobs... crazy. GUess its a double edged sword. The hospitals get the RN's that may not work out in the long run and forfiet early on those who recongnise where they want to be and are willing to place themselves in the enviornment but can't without the RN. I'm not looking for a nursing jobs becasue I'm in school part time but to be in the environment and really see what nursing entails. Ria in NJ
  2. Ria-NJ

    NLN exam

    My school has us take a portion of it that is emphasised in our A&P classes. It is my understanding we do not need to take the whole test. I will look for the books you recommend. Thanks :)
  3. Ria-NJ

    NLN exam

    My school has us take the NLN after A&P I and II. ANy info on this exam and how to study? Practice pages, books, references etc... Thanks
  4. Ria-NJ

    man, going back is a waste of time...

    I agree with everyone. As a 46 y/o nursing student with a family it is difficult. If I knew this was my future I would have done this at 22 but I liked being a travel agent. I spent a year finding out about Nursing programs first. Since I had an Associates I didn;t want another. But... most college won;t accept science and computer over tens years. I found a school to accept me and trying desperating to make a 2.75 in my science classes, while being a single parent and taking a full course load. My advise is private colllege have less reqtrictive requirements than state schools (or community college) since it is money driven more than the others. My state school said I would have to take my sciences as a sophomore and ace them and then they would SEE if they woudl let me inthe program which began in Fall only but I have to apply in Jan. prior. LOTS OF PRESSURE there and they requested I take the SAT's again. Nursing is not the the best field to enter in pressure of time restrictions. Do your research and see how far your willign to travel. Look at private schools if you really want this. Ria in NJ
  5. Ria-NJ

    Nutrition class for student

    Does anyone know of a on-line credit nutrition class I could take? I need to take this to begin clinicals in the fall and have 2 kids at home. My school only gives in summer evenings... so it doesn;t work for my family. Thanks, Ria-NJ
  6. When I was looking into Nursign school last year it didn;t matter much since they all had waitlists and entrance exams. I would apply to all of them and take the exams. I did wind up in a BS program since I had an associates in psych but it was 20 years old. No science credits are given over 10 years so I'd have to take Chem., A&P, and Bio chem before clinicals. That was going to take me three years for another AA. SO for 3 years I get a BS-N. If you have no college credit an associates can work but anticipate three years. If you have credit you may want to look into a BS-N if its going to take you 3 years too. IMHO. Good luck, Ria