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  1. mandileanne

    ADN as PHN?

    I'll graduate in December 2011 with my ADN from a community college. (I also have a bachelor's in sociology from UT Austin...i don't know if that'd help). To work as a nurse in Public Health, do you need your BSN?? While I eventually plan on getting my BSN, I need to work first and save up for it. I'm not sure if I'm wanting to do the acute care hospital setting.... I'm drawn to public health... especially in the area of Family Planning. Thanks in advance! Mandi
  2. mandileanne

    Teching while in Nursing School?

    Thanks for all of your replies! Great information! I'm so glad I posted. And, yes I am worried about my grades suffering... However, I am not married and do not have kids. I think a part-time or prn position would be okay for me to handle. (hopefully) I see many students who have a family and a job AND are going to nursing school! A friend of mine works every other weekend at a hospital...maybe, i could find something like that.... Well, Thanks so much for the feedback!
  3. mandileanne

    Teching while in Nursing School?

    Hi! I am a nursing student who will graduate Dec 2011. I have heard that working as a tech will increase your chances of finding a job once you graduate... Does anyone recommend this? And, if so...How should i go about applying as a Tech. .... You see, i haven't had clinical at the hospital that i'd like to Tech at. I looked online and wasn't able to find any tech jobs at the hospital. Should i go in person to the nursing floor and ask? or what? Thanks!
  4. mandileanne

    Harris Methodist Ft. Worth

    I'm currently a nursing student at TCC. I'll graduate Dec 2011. I'd like to work as a Tech before I graduate to get experience and get my foot in the door at a hospital. Does anyone know anything about Harris downtown in Fort Worth? I'd like to become a Tech there, but I'm not sure how to start? I looked online and didn't see any Tech positions.. Should I just go into the hospital and ask around, or what? I'd like Harris because I hear they have a great OB/L&D dept. (which is where i'd like to eventually end up). Any advice on how to get a Tech position at a hospital i've never had clinicals at? Or, has anyone heard anything about Harris being a good place to work? Thanks!
  5. mandileanne

    Help! TCC or TJC

    SO...I've been accepted to the nursing program at both Tarrant County College and Tyler Junior College. I have to decide by tomorrow which I want to go to. I'm not sure where to find the rankings of community college nursing programs in Texas..... Does anyone know where to find this info? Or, does anyone know which is a better program??? thanks, Mandi