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  1. lovingRN2009

    mistake - unable to fix

    thank you all so much, i feel better.
  2. lovingRN2009

    mistake - unable to fix

    dr was notified and incident report written up.
  3. lovingRN2009

    mistake - unable to fix

    to make long story short. had order to dc picc and culture tip. wbc up and picc insertion site leaking. dc'd picc forgot to clip for culture. no good reason other than busy day - a lot on mind. nothing i can do now and dreading work tomorrow. sure i will have to explain myself to don and ordering dr. upset. anyone with similiar experience?
  4. lovingRN2009

    a couple questions

    Thank You
  5. lovingRN2009

    a couple questions

    1. i have been seeing a lot of negative ua's - completely wnl, and then the culture will come back posititve. can anyone explain how this may happen. contamination at some point? 2. since regular insulin lowers serum potassium by driving it into the cell, does anyone see chronic hypokalemia in insulin dependent diabetics, because i have never. and is it only regular insulin that does this?
  6. lovingRN2009

    red "hairs" on picc line after dc

    a fellow nurse told me that after dcing a picc line their was red "hair like" matter along it. the pt arm that it had been removed from was edematous. an ultrasound was negative for thrombosis. no one at work has seen that before, just wondering if any of you have. she was getting tpn at one time and is now being treated for sepsis, the pt. is of oriental decent. thanks
  7. lovingRN2009

    triple lumen flushing question

    if a patient is recieving tpn through a triple lumen picc line, is it necessary at any time to flush the two lumens not in use?
  8. lovingRN2009

    can u believe it

    as a nurse i do know when to hold a medication. in the facility i work at i need a physician's order to hold any medication. so when this situation comes up for you, you hold the medication even if the md wants it given, and there are no repurcussions?
  9. lovingRN2009

    Question about drawing blood from PICC lines

    i draw blood off a picc the same way as you, using a syringe and transfer device because i was taught putting the transfer device directly on the picc puts too much pressure on it, although i have seen other nurses do it that way.
  10. lovingRN2009

    can u believe it

    diabetics do need insulin. however, 20 units of novolog for a blood glucose of 140 is ridiculous. she has been at the facility i work at for over a month, believe me, i know her blood sugar trend. also, i hope he was not striving for the 58 she dropped to, and thank goodness the patient refused the ten units the dr. wanted her to have at that point!
  11. lovingRN2009

    a couple picc questions

    when measuring the picc line while doing the dressing change how many centimeters difference does there have to be, before you are concerned of migration? is a new onset of pink without drainage at a picc line insertion site alarming to you?
  12. lovingRN2009

    can u believe it

    had a patient with blood glucose of 140, had not been eating well. patient was due for 10 units of novolog, made call to md to check if dose should be decreased or held. md decides to order 20 units of novolog. (md had recently been out of town and covering md had decreased scheduled novolog from 15 with additional novolog based on meal intake to 10 units)can u believe this? 2 hours later patient had blood glucose of 58. after being notified he orders 10 units scheduled after meals with additional novolog based on meal intake, says even if patient does not eat with blood glucose of 58 give patient 10 units of novolog. i don't think so , this was happening right at the end of my shift. nursing was trying to find med director/administration to notify