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  1. cfuller2012

    Excelsior Pass Rates!!!

    Hello young lady, Is there anyway that you ccouldd shhare your mneumoniics with me? My name is Carmelia, Im an LPN ggetting reaady to start exxcrlsior college.
  2. cfuller2012

    Instructor from hell fails me in clinical!

    For some strange reason a lot of people don't want to believe that there are instructors from hell or those that may have it in for certain students. Well I beg to differ, first of all instructors are people first with all of their weaknesses and emotional as well as psychological baggage; then they are instructors. I can say this because the whole time I was at a particular nursing school I was harrased from day one and treated blatantly different from other students. However, not to sound religious or anything but the bible tells that those who live godly in Christ will suffer persecution. Often times when people are different from us all we have problems with them including myself. I was very quiet and minded my own business. I studied alone and did not run with the crowd. Although, many of my classmates would and could testify that the majority of the staff had personal issues with me. From Fundamentals on up to when they failed me by not allowing me to go to clinicals for peds and psych I had been persecuted. In addition, every semester before new instructors had ever met me personally they knew my name. My husbanad and I had sat down with the dept chair of the program on one occasion trying to discuss the matter. Things were okay that semester but they got worse and worse every semester thereafter. I ended up filing a complaint with the state board of nursing, the dept of education and sought legal counsel. I found out that this nursing program had been on probation once in the not so distant pass and on this very website they have a reputation of doing these sort of things with particular students. My attorney wanted me to contact other students who had previously attended to try to find out what the common thread was/is. So to sum it up the very field of nursing is a battle of good and evil because Jesus died so that people could be healed but satan uses people to keep them in bondage; so my experience as a CNA for the past 13 yrs has revealed to me that often times nurses are unaware of how satan is using them to hinder God's work here on earth, and many students and nurses alike forget that nursing is not a job it is a ministry. Looking back at Florence Nightengales work, she nursed from a heart of compassion, a divine call, and a willing God -like spirit. Many are called but few are chosen!
  3. cfuller2012

    Attending excelsior and traveling

    Thank you for this information and your reply! CD
  4. Hello all, I am considering registering at excelsior to finish my ASN degree in the near future. I currently live in Ga and I am aware that I will not be able to sit for the boards in Ga after graduating if I decide to graduate from this school; but there are over 31 other states will endorse or allow for you to sit for their boards. My question is since I have flying priveledges through Delta Airlines would it be a good idea to travel to other state and work? Also, can any one who may be currently enrolled there tell me about how they prepare for their exams and clinicals. I am just tring to make a fully informed decision about the school before I waste anymore time and money. I made up to third semester in a 4 semester traditional program. The courses that I passed were Fundamentals with clinicals, Med-surg, with clinicals, Obstetrics with clinicals; I still needed peds, psych and advanced med-surg; Also, do you think I even qualify for excelsiors program ? In addition, I would love to connect with other students there if possible? P.S any other pertinent info would also be greatly appreciated! Thanks CD!
  5. cfuller2012

    Transferring schools

    karla I have the same question because I was just failed clinically for two third semester classes before they even started from GPC. Now the challenge is appealing my grades when they are posted. However, I did speak with a nursing personnel at Clayton Sate who said they would take some classes. Hope this helps and if I find out new info will keep you posted The advocate