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    Patient - RN Sexual Harrassment

    The other week we had a 50 something classic closet case MI on the floor. "I just had some chest pain" turned into numerous coronary blockages that he could never imagine the origin of. (Hmm maybe that you have smoked forever, have been wheelchair bound for years and love donuts more than your wife?) Well on day one I didn't have the patient, but I had to go in and silence his heparin drip. "Hey there." He said. nod "I just do that to make the sexy nurses come in the room" raised eyebrow "K, have a good night" I walked out thankful this obvious perv wasn't mine and vowed not to put foot in the room again. Creeper radar was screaming. Anyway, I come back a night later and lo and behold he is on my team. Dammit. I look around and try to decide if it is worth it to drop him, or just put on my best "don't cross me" face and grin and bear it. I decide, considering I was charge...well I am always charge these days, that I am going to just accept the devil I sort of know. For the most part he is a walkie-talkie...well walkie-wheelie and isn't a whole lot of grief nursing wise. So I walk in for shift change rounds and the first thing he does is sweep me from head to toe. Now mind you, I am a curvy girl, but I am not VS model or Playboy Bunny. I am a 30 something, German heritage, run of the mill woman. Well anyway, I instantly put on my most stoic face and commence the night. For the most part it goes ok. He asked me at one point if I had a sense of humor, to which I replied "depends on the day". Ok so my next night, and last night of the week rolls around and I head in expecting the same sort of "hmm maybe she isn't one to cross" mentality from this guy. Yeah...right. I guess my "did you behave today" was just the right comment to set this guy in "night nurse fever". His comments ranged from mild "I like to see you sneaking around my room at night" to his morning deal sealer "I just want you to know you gave me a great fantasy for the week". It took me a minute that morning to clear the white flash of rage that crossed my eyes as I walked out of the room. I refused to go back in there, and when he came out fifteen minutes later to pester me about unhooking him from his heparin drip so he could leave the floor, I must have let the inner feminist shine a bit because after that he became quite crabby I am told. I very flatly informed him that he wasn't even supposed to leave the floor, let alone be unhooked from the one thing that was keeping him from having a massive MI, and turned and walked away. I talked to my manager about the situation, but of course nothing was done, and I didn't have the energy or care to confront this man on something he was so obviously ignorant of, respect. So he sits now in the ICU s/p OHS and I am tempted to print an article on sexual harassment of RN's by patients and hand it to...his wife. Since apparently he is a golden boy when she is there. I think what frustrates me the most is he so obviously didn't see me as a person. I am just glad that 98% of my other patients do value the care I bring to the bedside. When I think back on the situation now I should have taken my tech with me each time I went in the room, but something about the situation made me think at some point he would stop, and just be polite. Ghost