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  1. SunshineAnytime

    Calling the Manager Back?

    I had an interview with 3 floor managers today. At the end of the interview, one manager asked which floor I was interested in the most. I was really interested in 2 of the floors, including hers (will call her Suzy). Suzy gave me a tour of her floor, introduced me to some nurses and docs and told me to call her in a few days to let her know which floor really grabbed my interest. I then went with another manager and toured her floor. I would really like to start on Suzy's floor. I'm confused though... if the managers were really interested, don't you think they would've offered me the job right then and there?? Is this the normal process when you do panel interviews? I do plan on sending a thank you email in the morning... maybe I can let her know my preference then?
  2. SunshineAnytime

    Families that talk about my coworkers

    Thanks everyone. These were great responses! I'll try to stay more neutral in the future and point em back to the agency if necessary...
  3. SunshineAnytime

    Families that talk about my coworkers

    Wow... I never thought about it that way but you're probably right. The family talks about some of the oncoming nurses right up until the literal point they walk through the door. And then they're totally nice to the nurse, like they haven't just said XYZ about her... It always made me wonder what the heck they're saying about me when I'm gone and if they were so offended why didn't they just call the agency. Will definitely try to stay more neutral from now on...
  4. SunshineAnytime

    Families that talk about my coworkers

    How do you address patients and/or family members that have negative opinions about your coworkers? I work as a private duty nurse with an agency and of my patient's family member talks about a lot of the other nurses that take care of this patient. Anything from "she's always late" to "she's weird and I don't like her." If it's a practical issue, I try to help them solve it while remaining neutral about the other nurses. As far as the personal opinions (she's weird, their work ethic, etc) I usually just don't say anything and allow them to vent. There was one complaint that a nurse showed up and said she'd rather be at her flea market booth selling vintage items than with the patient. I just acted shocked and said "Nobody's forcing her to be here, she shouldn't have said that." I'm not sure if I should've stayed quiet though. What do you guys think? Do you tend to stay neutral or take a side, so to speak?
  5. SunshineAnytime

    New Grad program at Florida Hospital

    Yep I still have not heard back from Fl hospital! Mursingmedic how did you get in at Waterman? I've applied before, and was told they only hire new grads a few times a year? Any tips for getting in there?
  6. SunshineAnytime

    Attention new grads in Central Florida

    Ok send a private message...
  7. SunshineAnytime

    Attention new grads in Central Florida

    I have the number of a recruiter who's seeking RN'S and LPN's. Very welcoming attitude towards new grads. The area is just north of Orlando. If you would like her number and more information, send me a message.
  8. SunshineAnytime

    When do I need to start applying?

    I would apply as soon as possible. I wish I would have done so. Some places will not hire you now and want you to reapply once you're licensed. But you never know so apply/contact HR sooner than later... good luck =)
  9. SunshineAnytime

    New Grad program at Florida Hospital

    Thanks and good luck to u too. I'm Still excited and nervous :) sorry that's it been hard for you in Philly. I got a position in LTC and it hasn't been the best experience but experience nonetheless. I'm like you... really wanting to get into an acute care program. My app has been sent off to different nurse managers so hopefully ill be called for an intrview soon....
  10. SunshineAnytime

    What to say when asked: "Tell me about yourself"?

    Do a search on all nurses for the john hopkin's interview guide. It's a great guide and tells you how to answer "tell me about yourself" and some other interview questions. I think a good tip to keep in mind is that managers are looking for a good nurse and a good EMPLOYEE. Tell them things about you based on your education and past work experience (healthcare or not) that shows that you will be a good employee and how you will benefit the floor.
  11. SunshineAnytime

    Will I have to pay for COT?

    Hello, This is my 1st post on allnurses :) Anyway, someone told me their recruiter told them they will have to pay about $3000 for their Commissioned Officer Training (COT). She plans to join after passing her NCLEX. One of the lucrative reasons for joining the Air Force are the financial benefits. I can't afford that! Is this true?