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  1. mindystl

    Starting Salary

    Thankfully I do not live in CA due to the high cost of living I hear about all the time. I'm actually in St. Louis. I figured starting salary would be similar to Chicago and yes, I am a nursing student. The starting pay is important to me but it is also more than I was making when I didn't have a job due to my previous employer laying me off after 8 long years. I'm excited about my new journey.
  2. mindystl

    The Positives

    Those are the kinds of positives I am looking for in a career and I know the field of nursing can help fullfill all those aspects I am trying to obtain. I am so excited about my journey and my new career!!
  3. mindystl

    Starting Salary

    What is the average starting salary of an RN?
  4. mindystl


    What are the top 3 dislikes about being an RN?
  5. mindystl

    The Positives

    What are the positive aspects of being an RN?
  6. mindystl

    I need to interview a nurse

    Hi, I'm about to enroll in a nursing school and I am receiving a grant to do so. The grant application requires that I interview a nurse about his/her job. If anyone could please take the time out to answer a few of these questions, I would be forever thankful!! 1. What duties or activities are involved in this profession? 2. What are the positive aspects of your profession? 3. What do you dislike about being an RN? 4. What employers hire this type of position. (List at least 3) 5. What starting salary can I expect? ("It varies", isn't enough) 6. If I had been working in this field for the past 10 years, what could I potentially be earning? 7. How could I get started in this profession? 8. Is classroom training the only way to enter this profession? If so, what are the minimum requirements and which schools would you suggest I look into or stay away from? 9. If classroom training isn't the only way, how else could I get started? 10. Can you think of anything else I should know or think about while considering this profession? (For example: working hours, working conditions...)