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  1. Nursing Honors Society

    Hi! Was wondering if anyone knew anything about sigma theta tau, the nursing honor's society. Am wondering if it's a waste of money to join. Are there benefits to being in it? And does it actually help your practice, like it claims? Is it something a...
  2. Frustrated May Graduate

    I've looked around different areas, and the starting rate for an unexperienced RN is around 18/hr. I also thought nurses made a little more than that, but I guess it's not too bad with shift differentials, sign-on bonuses, overtime, etc. I often hear...
  3. I'm a student myself going through the UTT program in Palestine. Some of the people in my class are going to work in Tyler, and they said the pay rate is around 18/hr. I hear good and bad about both hospitals, but I hear MFH has a better residency pr...
  4. Frustrated May Graduate

    Thanks for replying! I guess Im looking at Seton bc all the people I've talked to say it's a good place to work, but that's usually not directly from an employee. I don't know how well most hospitals orient new grads, so I wanted to do an internship...
  5. Frustrated May Graduate

    Hi yall! Im graduating in May as a GN from Tyler and am wanting to do an internship in Austin, preferably at Seton. I was wondering if anyone knew how much they started GNs, and if it was possible to live there on that pay with a $400/month loan repa...