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Hi! Was wondering if anyone knew anything about sigma theta tau, the nursing honor's society. Am wondering if it's a waste of money to join. Are there benefits to being in it? And does it actually help your practice, like it claims? Is it something a potential employer would give a second glance to? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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have been paying dues x 4 years with no evidence of benefit to me. The journal is ok, but I can get the same info in other places a lot cheaper per year. Have never been to a meeting (never heard from the local chapter). I can see where it would look good on a resume, but that has not been an issue for me either. I did not re-subscribe this year. Their website is a little hard to navigate, to me.


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I've been a member for years and years, but have never gotten any "real" benefit from it. I do it because it is an expectation of people seeking leadership positions.

In the olden days, I did find it (and the journal) interesting and helpful because it included a lot of articles and programs relevant to nurses at the CNS, management, and staff development level. However, in the past few years, it has increased its international focus so much that there are few articles in the journal relevant to nurses working in US hospitals. I always find a few interesting things to read, but not nearly as many things as I used to find.

And ... as with any organization ... the local chapter activities depend upon the interests and efforts of the local members. My local chapter is not very active.



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Some local chapters are v. active, and some are less so. Some chapters have a lot of "status" within nursing (chapters at the more prestigious universities). In some areas, the chapters provide a lot of networking opportunities and mentoring. The organization offers continuing education opportunities (on-line, I think) in addition to the journal, and an annual convention.

And it is the international honor society of nursing. It does look good on a CV. My impression is that it probably matters more in nursing education than in clinical settings (having worked in both settings).

Whether or not it's of value to you is a v. personal decision.



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I agree with elkpark. If you plan on getting an advanced degree I would say that it will give you some valuable contacts as well as looking great on that CV. Plus its something to tell your kids/future kids to keep them in line. :chuckle If you earned the right to be in the honor society, why not pay the dues so that you can flaunt it. JMHO

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