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  1. I was basically told that the next 2 weeks would be sink or swim for clinical (the pass/fail portion, not the papers portion) and I would start off with a clean slate. Well, this week, I improved tremendously but only on half of what was said. The day after that one clinical, everything finally sunk in. I now know what to do for everything in my clinical. I know everything she is looking for and I have prepared a sheet to review and fill out in the clinical setting, so that I can give her everything before she asks me to prove my independence. If a student tremendously improves in around 50% of what she was doing horribly in in the second to last week and in the last week gives a tremendous finale, what would be the chances of passing the pass/fail portion of clinical?
  2. lalastudent

    What exactly does this mean?

    Identify a complete list of clinical and psychosocial data under the appropriate nursing diagnosis What exactly do they want me to do? Do they want me to post ALL data in topics regarding the nursing diagnosis or only the data that supports why you made the nursing diagnosis to begin with?
  3. lalastudent

    Help! On the borderline with clinicals

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm also looking up care plans beforehand so I can come up with a plan as soon as she asks. I'll also bring a clipboard with a pen and all forms attached, so I can get started much more easily. I'll also have all assignments done far beforehand, so there is no nervous typing at 1 AM and I get a good night's sleep. I'll have a schedule and do the entire assessment at once, then enter data, then retrieve pertinent info, then go ahead with the care plan. I will also come in assertive and confident, not looking needy or as if I don't know what I'm doing. I think I may pass if I do this.
  4. I'm doing well in my academic classes so far (passing them all with Bs or more) but I'm worried I won't pass clinicals. My clinical instructor told me I was on the borderline. I asked her if I have a chance of passing and she told me "It's all up to you". My assignment grades in clinical are passing but there is also a subjective component, meaning you can fail clinical even if you technically have a passing grade. She told me she wants me to be more organized and thus more able to handle a greater client load. She is worried because she has said I have become more and more disorganized as time went on. She also told me my procedure of doing things was not methodical enough. I've been in clinicals for 5 weeks now and there are 3 more weeks to go. If I do as she says, what is my honest chance of passing?
  5. lalastudent

    How do you ace tests?

    I've been taking this advice and so far I have aced the last 3 tests. Hopefully it will continue.
  6. lalastudent

    How do you ace tests?

    Thanks for the advice. Have any advice to stop myself from changing the answers I get correctly through use of logic? Should I think of every question as a patient and remind myself that if I don't take the logical (not intuitive) answer, he or she won't make it?
  7. lalastudent

    How do you ace tests?

    I might fail nursing school. I am failing one class so far with a 78%. To pass, you need an 84%. Does anyone have suggestions on how to ace tests? I almost always arrive at the correct solution via logic but then change my answer due to neurotic thought patterns. Should I write on the top of the paper "Do not doubt your logic" as well as "Use ABCs" and other things I must do for the tests? How do I make sure I no longer doubt my own thought process? I need a 90 percent or above on the next exams. I'm finally getting how these tests are set up halfway through the first semester. I was sadly caught off guard and it took far too long to adjust.
  8. lalastudent

    Help! I think I won't pass!

    The thing is that a lot of the time I answer the questions and get them wrong anyways directly because of what the book says. Sometimes a point is repeatedly drilled into your head and you wish to choose it on a test exam but it then turns out you're not so right after all because you must think worst case scenario for every possible choice. Should I think the worst possibility for every choice and ignore what I've memorized? That's what I tend to see on exams. Should I see cold hands as always being a serious threat(I know they signify lack of circulation), even though my experience says otherwise? My experience says you must look at the other details. My problem is I keep examining multiple possibilities. I guess I should remind myself that I'm after the exam maker's answer, not after my own and simply use patterns to pass.
  9. lalastudent

    Help! I think I won't pass!

    Thanks for the advice! I've been using the CD for nursing fundamentals and I have found the book sometimes contradicts what is said in the CD. One question I remember from a test I got back asked what should be checked for in a patient who is in restraints. One point kept being hammered in the books and in the lectures but it turns out that point was incorrect. I just don't know what to do! I envy nursing students that go to schools where a 78 is passing. If I get an 83, I flunk out of the program.
  10. lalastudent

    Help! I think I won't pass!

    I am passing 3 of my classes but unfortunately, one class has got me down. I'm getting a 77.6 percent so far and it takes an 84 to pass. If I make below an 84 in any class, I fail the first semester of nursing. Does anyone have any advice on how to study for the NCLEX style questions? I had straight As on my science courses such as Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, ect but this time around it seems many of the questions have multiple right answers. Much of this is not in the book. I feel just about hopeless right know, knowing I need at least a 90 percent average in the rest of the course in order to make it.