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Help! I think I won't pass!

I am passing 3 of my classes but unfortunately, one class has got me down. I'm getting a 77.6 percent so far and it takes an 84 to pass. If I make below an 84 in any class, I fail the first semester of nursing. Does anyone have any advice on how to study for the NCLEX style questions? I had straight As on my science courses such as Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology, ect but this time around it seems many of the questions have multiple right answers. Much of this is not in the book. I feel just about hopeless right know, knowing I need at least a 90 percent average in the rest of the course in order to make it.

I am half way through my third semester. I have 3 NCLEX books that I study from in addition to my notes. Also, many textbooks have a CD and website that have NCLEX style questions that correspond to the chapters in case $ is tight.

The NCLEX books give you reasons behind the answers so that you understand why it was answer x and not answer y (even though they are both correct). I didn't think I'd use the NCLEX books that I had gotten from a previous nursing student who graduated, but they have been a great help.

Another thing that helped me improve my test taking and overall grades is I only read the book if I need additional info. When I read all the material assigned I tend to get lower grades on tests. Plus, some of the info from the text is different from what the instructor lectures on. And at my school the instructor writes her own questions which are from her lecture, not the book.

I was also an A student until I hit nursing. Out of all the nursing classes I've completed I have gotten 2-3 A's and the rest B's. Please don't get discouraged. Hopefully you'll get many different replies and ideas and one will work for you. It is hard changing your brain to a nursing brain.

Thanks for the advice! I've been using the CD for nursing fundamentals and I have found the book sometimes contradicts what is said in the CD. One question I remember from a test I got back asked what should be checked for in a patient who is in restraints. One point kept being hammered in the books and in the lectures but it turns out that point was incorrect. I just don't know what to do! I envy nursing students that go to schools where a 78 is passing. If I get an 83, I flunk out of the program.

I'm shocked you have to have such a high test average to be considered passing. At my nursing school we have to have a 74 test average. I'm pretty sure all of the nursing schools in my state have similar required averages to mine. Best of luck to you in your program!

I agree.....that seems strange that your school places the bar so high. Mine is set at 74% as well, which is what most schools in MN have.

All I can say is miracles happen. I had a 77% in my Med-Surg and tried different studying options; I received an A- on my last exam and brought my grade up to an 84% overnight. The second you think you're beat, you are! It really is true.

Yes, study those lecture notes! The book is a great resource, but in the end, it's lecture, lecture, lecture. :twocents:

your school has a very high passing percentage our is 78%, you have to know the content of the material then try Saunder's NCLEX examination i like this book because it breaks down on each unit and sub-unit say for example you are reading about Diabetes Mellitus ater you read your book and lecture you can refer to Saunders and read their outline and practice the questions, when you practice the questions make sure you check the incorrect ones and read the rationales even you choose the correct one hope that will help you out

The thing is that a lot of the time I answer the questions and get them wrong anyways directly because of what the book says. Sometimes a point is repeatedly drilled into your head and you wish to choose it on a test exam but it then turns out you're not so right after all because you must think worst case scenario for every possible choice. Should I think the worst possibility for every choice and ignore what I've memorized? That's what I tend to see on exams. Should I see cold hands as always being a serious threat(I know they signify lack of circulation), even though my experience says otherwise? My experience says you must look at the other details. My problem is I keep examining multiple possibilities. I guess I should remind myself that I'm after the exam maker's answer, not after my own and simply use patterns to pass.

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The only way I have gotten good at NCLEX questions is by doing hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of them for each subject area. I use the NCLEX 4000 CD (got it from Amazon) and the Saunders CD. Both of them allow you to test in "study" or "review" mode so you can see the rationale for the correct answer. Also, even if you get the answer right, click on the WRONG answers, too, so you can see WHY they were wrong. Get as many of these NCLEX study books/CDs as you can. After a while, you DO start to see patterns. You'll recognize certain types of questions and you'll see some questions you know the answer to right away. I know NCLEX-style questions are really, really hard. For me, the only solution has been to grit my teeth and do tons of them. :) Good luck!

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Get a Saunders guide and practice no less than 200 questions BEFORE you go in and take your exams for school.

If you get an answer correct, don't celebrate and just move on....READ the rationale and make sure that the reason you picked the right answer was the CORRECT rationale to use...you'll find very often that it isn't...that is the difference between knowing and good guessing.

One I figured that out...my grades on my exams skyrocketed.


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