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  1. psychdave

    CDCR Why no time clocks???

    Just wondering why we don't use time clocks? A friend at another facility reports the same thing. Any ideas?
  2. psychdave

    Forcing PIEs

    Can anyone tell me. Can PIEs be forced? Thanks
  3. psychdave

    CDCR how long for final approval

    Thanks for the reply. This is week 3 for me. I will let you know when I hear something.
  4. psychdave

    CDCR how long for final approval

    I was offered a position as RN, and accepted. Then asked to submit additional paper work for approval from Sacramento. Any idea how long this takes? Thanks
  5. I am currently working as a Forensic psych unit RN, and fill in nursing supervisor. I have six months ICU, one year accute inpatient psych, and three years forensic psych. Is this experience enough to get a job in corrections? thanks
  6. psychdave

    Complete Lack of Safety HELP!

    No to all of the above! I should have asked the question like this. Given the environment, should I be able to expect resonable safety in my work place. According to the administrator, It's a dangerous invironment " If you don't like it There's the door". We don't use restraints. I really don't like using them. There are many physical altercations daily.Defending yourself often times means loosing your job. We do have a pooly trained staff. We do have security staff, but not nearly enough. The "Residents" are NGI and ITP. Debriefing ????? I was assulted, requiring a trip to the ER. I have permanent injury. No debriefing! I can not believe That in 2009 this is all OK. Are all forensic facilities like this? I like psych/forensic nursing, But the constant threat of physical injury is taking it's toll.
  7. psychdave

    Complete Lack of Safety HELP!

    It's a forensic "Treatment center" 200 beds. Extremely violent place. I have been told that corrections is much safer by someone who has done both.
  8. psychdave

    Complete Lack of Safety HELP!

    Help! Can anything be done about the complete lack of safty in a forensic facility? I work in a forensic facility. This is the most dangrous place I have ever worked. We never go more than 4 or 5 days without staff injury. How can this be stopped. Thanks